Explosion in Philadelphia

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  1. 6abc.com
    PHILADELPHIA - September 21, 2006 - An underground explosion in Center City has led to the evacuation of several buildings.

    It happened around 1:30pm near 16th and Chestnut streets.
    Apparently, there was an underground cable fault when PECO was attempting to switch to a different circuit. this resulted in some type of malfunction.
    So far, several high rises (Center Square, Liberty One and Liberty Two) have been evacuated and there are thousands of people on the street.
    Power has been lost to a number of customers and there's no word when power will be restored. PECO crews are on location trying to fix the problem.

    All streets from 13th to 18th, Vine to walnut are closed to all traffic for the time being.

    I know there are Philly girls on here. You may have to find another way home, some of the trains aren't running apparently.

    I work a block from here-we all heard the explosion, it was BIG!
  2. The explosion didn't wreck any structure did it? I'm about 20 min out of Philly and so clueless until I read this. Everyone stay safe.

  3. I don't think they know yet, which is why they're evacuating all of the buildings around the explosion (not mine of course-blah) to check for structural damage.

    No reports of injuries, thank goodness!

    it was a really loud explosion. Everyone in my office was like, "What the fudge was that?!"

    ETA: The pictures from NBC10's website are showing flames shooting out of manholes. eek! scary stuff.
  4. Wow! Take care, those of you in Philly.
  5. take care.. hope things did not cause any real damage to buildings, and of course, hopefully, no one was hurt..
  6. Jilly, I would find a new job if people in your office say FUDGE! LOL :roflmfao:
  7. yikes, thank god it is a malfuncation and not something else!!!
  8. Please be careful. I'm glad everyone is ok. Keep us updated.
  9. My husband works in West Philly and had no idea! He's cracking up that a message board where I'm getting information about what's going on in the city he's actually in!
  10. OMg that's so scary
  11. Hope everybody's OK!