Explain Tano to Me... Calling All Tano Lovers!

  1. Explain to me Tano handbags - the different types of leather, etc. I saw this bag online and really love the look and idea of it - but am nervous buying sight unseen... I have 2 leather bags: 1 Balenciaga (city) and one Coach (small soho hobo), and much prefer the texture of the Balenciaga - thin, soft, squishy, flexible. Does anyone have this bag or a bag with "lenny leather"? Gimme some details and feedback using my likes and the above as a reference :p

  2. I don't have a Tano bag w/ the Lenny leather.....I have crunch (Boogie Bucket) and moto leather (Miss Print)...... the Boogie Bucket is not a smooshy bag but the Miss Print is. Very nice leather on both, just different textures. I am 100% thrilled w/ both bags and plan to buy more next year. I don't think I'm really addressing your original question but I am a big fan of Tano and encourage you to give the bag a try.
  3. I love tano bags. I don't think the lenny leather is as "squishy" as the balenciaga, but softer than the crunch leather that Tano has out. I agree with voodoo, for the price for tanos I say try it out.
  4. Also if you use coupon code holiday2007 you can save about $37.00 dollars at adoniabags.com.
  5. From what I understand, the lenny leather is much sturdier then say, the "tag" leather which had a tendency to flake away or wear away, actually, after time.
    It's a really wonderful company - very cool styles......not for everyone.....but I had a few Tanos in my time.
    You might want to go right to the source though with any concerns at www.musthavebag.com - they're very helpful as well...and www.adoniabags.com as mentioned earlier in the thread.
    Good Luck! :tup:
  6. wow how long does this last?
  7. Ahh eff it - I just ordered it, as I got some money for Christmas - I hope I like it! I ended up paying $170.00 WITH shipping and tax because of that holiday code!!
  8. Bahaha ...that's the phrase I ususally use when I place an order hahahaha

    Please post pics when you get it!!!!!

  9. I like the way you think! Please post pics -I'd love to see modeling pictures --I am considering "effing" it myself and getting a tano.
  10. The Crunchlux and/or Crunch Leather on my Tano feels closest to the Balenciaga motorcycle bags. The shiny protective coating on the Tano flakes off over time revealing faded crinkled leather.

    I don't know anything about Lenny leather, but it looks nice and smooshy.
  11. How much time before you noticed flaking? I haven't noticed anything like this in my Boogie Bucket and I've been carrying the hell out of it.
  12. rainrowan & jchaiara, please be careful when using the work "flake." (When you say "flake" readers envision chunks of leather falling off, or the finish peeling away in patches.) Exotic skins with scales can flake. Cheap split leathers or PVC bags with foil or glossy finishes can flake.

    Tano bags do not flake. They are made from top grain Italian leathers which by their nature CANNOT and DO NOT "flake." I consider myself to be an expert on this topic since I sell hundreds and hundreds of Tano bags every year. I don't mean to be disrespectful in any way, but I believe that you are simply using the wrong word to describe how these bags wear, and I don't want readers to be confused/misinformed. So just to clarify, here is how Tano leathers wear:

    Crunch leather: the shine lessens (gradually, evenly, subtly, not suddenly by peeling/flaking!) and the leather become softer, the colors more faded, and the look more distressed.

    Lenny leather: wear will develop a patina, as it absorbs the oils from your skins and lotions, etc. It will darken, get softer, and develop a little shine.

    Of course accidental damage and normal wear and tear can occur to ANY bag...scrapes, scratches, gauges, fading color, dryness of leather, stains from oil, chemicals, or water. etc.

    Please pm or email me if you have any q's.

  13. Thank you ! I must start purchasing my Tano's from you ! I am in the hunt for another now. I just love the cross body bags. I have a red one (i forget what it is called) but is is absolutely perfect for tooling around the streets of Chicago - i love it! I get tons of compliments too! :yahoo:
  14. Ermm nevermind. I used a cancelled card by mistake and they sent me a request for another order with a new card - but I decided to take it as a sign and not get one just yet. Even though it's only $170.00 (only :rolleyes:) - that's alot to me right now. Do I really need another bag right now? I already have alot - too many, it seems... maybe I should give myself some time to think it over..and if I really want one, and if it's really meant to be, I'll buy it - with the right card this time ;)

    ...keeping myself in check... being responsible for a change ;)
  15. Thats a cute bag, but its pretty much hand carry only- you really cant comfortably carry it over your shoulder. And it doesn't close securely, either. You can find a much better Tano bag when you're ready. Wait until the Spring bags come out- there will be a lot of beauties to choose from!;)