Explain ladies!

  1. Okay, I'm stealing this thread idea from the Chanel forum.

    What does your username mean? Why did you choose it?

    What is your avatar picture, signature, saying under your username?


    My username is my nickname, my real name is Princess. (BTW my middle name is Grace, so some of my friends still call me Princess Grace to this day :biggrin:) My avatar is a picture of me at some big dinner my parents had. My signature features a BMW :angel: which is my favorite brand of car. My parents are BMW lovers too..I blame them. :rolleyes: I think Louboutin=Love is pretty self explanatory..right? :love:

    Share yours now!
  2. Well, I was not being very creative when I signed on and just picked something... which are my initials! Yeah, boring, I know. My picture is of course my love, who is sitting by me now. Raleigh, my beagle mix!!
    I don't have a saying! How do you add one??
  3. cjy, go to your user control panel, then click on 'edit profile'. Enter whatever you want for the "custom user title"
  4. Well my username is pretty obvious - it's my name.
    And my avatar is a photo of my 2 loves, err ****zus. It's funny because that photo was taken about 6 months ago when my younger ****zu was just a puppy, but now he is twice the size of my older ****zu.
  5. I feel like the only CL lover without a dog in my avatar. :biggrin:
  6. my username is my name (how original eh?)

    my avatar pic is a random pic off the net i thought it was funny i made it my avatar
  7. Oh I forgot, my first name is Claudia.
  8. And it is a fuuny pic!:yes:
  9. Okay I'll play.. My user name is my daughters name with girl her name is Noelle so noegirl it is lol

    So freakin cute.... well she is isn't she :biggrin:

    My avatar pic is my daughter at her dads black/white event over the summer!
  10. priiin, my dad is a BMW lover too; don't think he'll ever drive anything else!!! We are Range Rover lovers; DH bought me one 3 years ago. =)

    Anyhow, my name is just me being childlike. Remember as a child, you would say, "oo, let me see", when there was something cool to see? Well, I'm basically saying that about everyone's purses (and shoes).

    The 'icpolkadots" is for "I see polka dots", because I'm a sucker for polka dots. If it's got polka dots, I'll buy it! lol

    And the picture is of course Ravi, which you all met tonight.

    And my signature is a quote from one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail.
  11. My user name is my BFF's nickname for me in college. I am a petite person with a lot of hair. So, he called me Smurfet.
  12. I love that movie! I love Range Rovers too. ;)
  13. nice thread!
    my user name is the name of a salvador dali painting. Its the one I admire the most. Each object in the painting is carefully painted to be motionless in space and nothing in it is connected. The painting is designed according to a strict mathematical framework influenced by the romanian mathematician Matila Ghyka. This is always my username online. I havent ever picked another since ten years.

    This picture in my avatar is of me and my husband in the background. We were at a 20's costume party. Its very much representative of my life because we are both always dressing up!

    signature is a quote from Alice in Wonderland ..

    funny thing is my real name really means princess literally but in arabic.
  14. Wow that's s ocool, ledaatomica! Two Princesses ;)
  15. My user name is a shorter version of an acronym my friends and I came up with years and years ago when we were making porn names for ourselves. Lavender Ice Knight. My name was Lik (for lick) and I had another friend who chose SEX Savannah Eden Xavier. Sorry for bringing this thread to the gutter, but that is the origin of my user name. I use it on various forums. Oddly enough I have begun taking herbal medicine classes this year and I have developed an appreciation for Lavender, although I am not 100% keen on its scent, I do like its properties.

    My avatar is a pic of my sister's ****zu Lulu! She turned two years old last month. As far as the other discussion about playing favorites, she is my favorite in my whole family. :p

    I do not have a signature because I have that featured turned off, so I do not see any of yours either. I am a little impatient, I just want to see all the Louboutins without fillers. ;)

    I do not have a saying or title under my user name. I happen to be boring that way.