Expired handbags?

  1. I find that Coach changes their look every season. Whenever I am in the city and I see someone walking with a Coach bag, I can usually tell how old the bag is.
    Do you find that after you purchased your new bag, that the next season styles make you feel like your bag is out of style?
  2. No, not at all. When I see previous season bags that I like instead of thinking they look "out of style" I think how I wish I would have gotten one when they were easier to get.

    I do feel some styles,looks and colors do go out of style, but there are a lot of coach bags that have a nice classic look about them which makes them last for a long time.
  3. I just got the older Legacy Bag in Mahagany - the 7466. I absolutely love it. I don't think of handbags as going out of style unless it is really something outlandish.
  4. I am actually looking foward to my collection getting older. I love everything I've gotten so far and I take really good care of it so I know it will look just as good in future years as it does now. Whenever I am in a larger city where Coach is more popular than where I am I feel like my bags stand out because they are different that what others are currently using.
  5. Exactly!
  6. I like this thread and hope more people respond! I guess I dont feel like my bags go out of style per say but I do feel like people know that I am carrying an older bag and probably think I cant afford a new bag :rolleyes:. LOL Shallow I know.
  7. No never. I love the older styles and colors, I get great compliments on them.
  8. No,I also try not to purchase bags which are trendy,I like to stick with their classic looking bags(No scribble nor patchwork).
  9. i always love seeing people with "older" bags. i always assume they've been long time lovers of the brand. and nice to see how well the bags hold up over the years.
  10. I agree with you! Whenever I see a bag, I always think I should have gotten it!
  11. i definately love seeing people with the older bags, its just so awesome that i can look up to them and hope that one day i can be a long time lover/collector like them. one of my professors has an older coach briefcase and we share a little coach moment before class. she loves my carly and says that she loves coach and right now her favorite line is legacy.
  12. I love the older just as much if not more than the newer.
  13. I also really like the older bags. The bag I'm carrying right now is circa 2004 & I love that it isn't all over the place! Coach is very popular here & I love the look of the new bags but I tend to gravitate towards the more distinctive limited edition (which is funny considering my budget:p ). I also get a kick out of it when I go to the stores and the SAs very loudly say 'look how well this bag has held up' trying to convince any customers that may be sitting on the fence!
  14. Perhaps because I've been collecting for a few years now....I don't think they can't afford a new bag....I just think "cute bag". I'd hope when someone sees me out with one of my older bags they think the same thing!!! And I don't think any of my bags are "out of style". I think I've gotten a lot of timeless bags that I can wear forever....thats why I buy them!
  15. When I see someone carrying an older bag I think to myself what a great bag and am kicking myself for not having purchased it myself. I do have some of the older bags. They bags I am carrying now are the Legacy Shoulder bag,
    Ali bag, Mahogany Patent Gallery Tote and my new Ergo Large tote in turquoise. I purchased all of these bags in the last two months. I still love to go back to some of my older bags and I won't sell them, they are timeless originals that always look good.:yes: