Experts...What Do You Think?????

  1. I have an original Stephen Sprouse Green Grafitti Speedy 30 which has been worn about three times. What do all of you experts think that it is worth if I were to sell it???? Thanks:flowers:
  2. Pictures of the bag would be a bit helpful. ;)

    $1,300 sounds good IMO.
  3. need pics please...
  4. pictures give alot more than words...
  5. I are very visual in this forum LOL..Plus we just love to drool over the pics..
  6. I have no idea what it is but hope to see pics of it!
  7. Would like to see a pic of the bag:yes:
  8. I agree with John and the others..$1200-$1300 is good. You can also check ebay to see what they're going for.
    But pictures would really help...the graffiti line is popular here..
  9. Hmmm....I personally don't like the graffiti line (****SHOCK****)..... but i'm just a nobody lol. So i'd say sell it if you're no longer in love with it which seems like the case to me cuz you're not using it........