Experts please help! What is the name of this.....

  1. Hello Hermes Ladies! First off, let me say you guys are sooo funny! Ok, please help me! I need to know what is the name of this scarf. This was given to my mom as a gift from her boss. This was bought in the Hermes store in Paris maybe 2 or 3 years ago, I don't remmeber. My mom had it in her closet! So can you guys tell me about this scarf! ? TIA! :heart: :heart:
  2. Maybe someone else has more info, here's what I have...

    It is called Vent Portant (Bearing Wind), by Yannick Mannier, issued in 1992 and Fall 2003.

    Here it is in another colourway...

  3. Cobaltblue, Thanks sooo much! Do you know what was retail?
  4. Full size scarves run $320.00 new. That's a lovely one, Impsola!
  5. Thanjks Shopmom! Yes, this scarve is humongous!
  6. such a lovely scarf... love the color too..
  7. It is like new, because it has been in the closet forever!
  8. Thank you ladies!