Experts need help pls...Is there a patent flap tote?

  1. Sorry, Since I usually stick to the LV end of the pool I am clueless when it comes to guys helped so much when I was looking for the naked tote, I am hoping you can help again....

    One of my husband's employees had this bag, I loved it, but have never seen it. I will try and discribe it, hopefully someone will know what the heck I am talking about:

    It was an expandable tote, made out of patent leather, black. The sides were quilted the front flap and bottom were smooth. The flap had large CC, stitched only. The chain was black and gold. The interior was a gorgeous gold.

    Any ideas or pics?

  2. im just guessing from the description but I think this is "The Rock" try to make a search on this bag and see if the pics match your descripion :smile:. This is not patent leather it is vinyl. I'll check for pics and attach it
  3. does sound like a ROCK...
  4. yep....its the rock flap.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Here is a pic of one on eBay. Please note however, that I posted this for reference only....and for you to confirm whether or not this is the bag you speak of. Hopefully the picture helps. I could not copy and paste the pics because they are not instead I put the link here for you to check out yourself. I cannot verify the authenticity because there are not enough pictures posted by this seller.
  7. Thanks so much! I think that's it. If anyone has pictures of the interior, please post :smile: