Experts: More sunglasses...

  1. I'm sorry I have another sunglass question. I am having such a hard time finding some that are a good shape on my face. I dont have anywhere around here that I can try them on, so I can only buy them and send them back if they look bad. The squeare shape doesnt look good on me. I have the MOP's and they look awful on me. Does anyone have a picture of themselves or someone wearing the Chanel 6018 or the 6026? They seem to be more round, am I right? This could really help me a lot. Thanks you all. :yes:
  2. I just bought the 5120s and I love them. FWIW, I have a heart shaped face. I am so happy with them. I'll take some picts and upload them now for you.

  3. Great! Thank you so much
  4. [​IMG]



  5. I have the 6026b Sunnies ... the ones with the crystals on the sides (in the starburst pattern). Are those the ones you're talking about?

    I LOVE these sunglasses. I had a hard time finding a pair that fit me properly at the boutique. Most of them seemed to rest on my cheeks too much and didn't feel comfortable. These for some reason worked great, felt extremely comfortable and I loved the shape.

    Here's a photo ... I'm not a model so no one judge! Hahahaha


    I don't have a picture of the sides of the glasses except in this photo ...

  6. hey it'smyworld, where did you buy the 5120s???
  7. My SA ordered them for me. I believe they currently have them in stock at the boutique in the Bellagio(?)

  8. Yes! Those are the ones! They look great on you. What about the 6018s? Does anyone have those? Are they too square? I really appreciate your help! Finding sunglasses has been an ongoing project for a while. Thanks