Experts, How do you tell a authentic denim bag from a fake/superfake?

  1. LV denim owners, I need your help on this one. I'm keen to get myself a denim baggy from ebay, but I've no experience since it's gonna be my 1st denim bag. What are the tell-tale signs of a fake denim baggy? What should I be looking out for? Stitching, tags, texture, print etc etc...? :shrugs:
  2. check the denim fabric first. the fakes can't seem to get it right - which is a good thing :yes:
  3. The color is normally way off. The inside isnt are mustard color.
  4. Which color are you interested in? Only the blue denim bags have the yellow/mustard lining. I agree that they can not get the wash on the denim right. I would post what you are interested in the authentication forum.
  5. To me anyone buying a bag from Ebay is taking a chance to get ripped off.....there has been way too many horror stories over and over about this. I would just save up and get a real one from ELuxury or LV. I have seen a few fakes at the mall that were really hard to say were fakes until I got close up and noticed small things that were off. I think Ebay is the worst place to buy from.
  6. Well there are the one's that are totally obvious that they are fake.

    I have seen this offense twice at the store... a Neo Speedy...but with chain shoulder straps! Eek!

  7. ill never understand people who have the nerve to bring a fake into the actual store.....:throwup:
  8. I know :throwup:

    I see them check themselves out too in our mirrors :throwup: which makes me cringe even more.

    Yeah I have only seen fakes on the Neo Speedy, and the Pleaty so far in person and like walking around the mall.

    Oh and lets not forget the Denim bags that have the red alligator trimming, I have seen fakes on those styles too. I told this one girl, "Yeah it isn't red cloth, it is red alligator trimming..."
  9. hahaaa, yup I agree with you, I've seen a lady having the nerve to walk into LV with fake multicolor pochette, and mind you, it was one of those obvious fakes.. OMG!:throwup:
  10. I know :throwup: the obvious fakes make you want to say "YIKES"
  11. I noticed a lot of denim fakes have poor alignment of the monograms or the denim appears to be cut crooked.
  12. least it makes it fun to watch, Laurence!
  13. HAHA THAT IS TRUE, lol.

    You're so bad!


    I had a lady plop her fake MC Speedy on our glass counter, and was like "I have money to spend..." and I am thinking "are you sure?"

  14. Do you think maybe sometimes they just don't realize it's fake?? Some men just don't get it that you can't shop for a deal for this kinda stuff and think they are buying something real....I've seen it happen before, to friends of for me b/c I have to decide if I should tell them or not!
  15. Well that does happen there are some that just don't know, and that is a very valid point too!

    I know, my friend has a fake...and yeah I just don't have the stomach quite yet to say say something to her. I will do it, I promise and I am soo going to help her too.

    The one's that really do get bother me are the one's that show off that they know about LV... and they're carrying the fake at the same time. It is the really obnoxious one's that I have no mercy for.