Experts Help please

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  1. Can you please suggest a kelly ,with leather that can be used in tropical climate all year round(hot,rains and humidity)
  2. dont tell me there are no leathers that can be used in such countries or no experts to answer this:rolleyes:
  3. I would suggest Togo.
  4. Togo, clemence, chevre, or buffalo.
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth HG!
  6. I live in hot sunny (rainy) Singapore. I am leaning towards Togo Kelly and Fjord Birkin. I think Epsom, Clemence will work very well as well in rain. I also read that with humidity, bags need to be used abit more often.
    My greatest fear is to have my Hermes bag (when I finally own 1) turn mouldy due to lack of use. :s
  7. Oh, yeah, Fjord, too. Actually that leather handles rain beautifully, the best IMO.
  8. ^^^This is a GREAT question and INFO! Thanks...

    and HG 4000 POST coming up!!:yahoo: