Experts...HELP Identify..what the heck did I buy???????

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  1. I seen this on eBay one night while surfing...and thought it looked cool. It was listed as an agenda/notepad. I did a buy it now for 100.00 thinking...Wow...get a large agenda for 100.00 (was a well respected I wasn't worried).

    I just recieved it today...and it isn't what I thought it would be! I'm not disappointed..I'm just not sure what its called??? :shrugs: Its Black epi leather 6 ring binders..with blank Louis Vuitton paper inside. It has the date code of: RI0969 located under one of the flaps...Is it a desk note pad?? or is it an agenda? or is is FAKE?? GASP:wtf:

    Can someone properly identify exactly what this is called. Its quite cool...but I wouldn't classify it as an agenda??
    blacknotebook.jpg blacknotebookinside1.jpg blacknotebookinside2.jpg blacknotebookinside.jpg
  2. Well, I don't know of a date code that has an RI just RA and RC.
    I wonder if it is a VIC gift? but I have never seen those date coded.:confused1:
  3. Very interesting! I wonder if it's a Taiga VIP piece?
  4. Never thought of the Taiga type...that is simular to epi but without the ridges right?? This is more pebbled??
  5. It looks a lot like a Taiga version (or some other leather) of the MC Vendredi Agenda.

    I have the black MC one and it's basically more like a notebook, rather than an agenda.
  6. I don't know but it's very nice looking! I hope it's authentic!
  7. Me too.......Its in fabulous shape if it is authentic...
  8. could it be a portfolio?
  9. It's really nice whatever it turns out to be!
  10. RI is a legitimate prefix for an item Made in France. It's a nice notebook for $100. Congrats.
  11. Awesome.. will update the Date code list.. thanks:yes:
  12. That's cool looking ! congrats..nice notebook, are you going to write your bags wishlist on it?
  13. hehehe...perfect idea!! I'll write my wish list and slide it into my hubby's brief a subtle hint/reminder.:graucho:

    I'm relieved to know it has a ligit date code:smile::sweatdrop:
  14. Congrats, I actually looked at that and was tempted to hit the BIN button as I was looking for an agenda as well.
  15. Wow, awesome deal for $100, congrats!