Experts, come in and help me with this model

  1. ok, I think I'd better put this one here. One of my friend asked me one LV model that I really have no clue. It may be an old model or fake, so before I mislead her, I want to know you experts' opinions. Thanks a lot!

    I couldn't take a pic when I saw the bag (I didn't have my camera with me), so I draw this ugly pic from what I remebered. The black handle is plastic, and the body is red EPI (LOGO is on the buttom). Has anyone know this model?:shrugs:

  2. I believe this is the bag you're referring to, which is the Epi Minuit, model #M52392:

  3. ^^^ yea john seems about right. well at least as close as u can get with ur drawing LOL
  4. John - you really know your LV!!! LOL!!
  5. wow, thanks John. For two things that I am not sure. First, the handle in the pic seems smaller than the one I saw. Second, I don't remember I saw a line in the middle of the leather. Thanks John, this's a big clue and help.

  6. Karen Walker has one on Will and Grace

    trying to remember what season/episode!
  7. maybe it's the pont-neuf or the figari? but they're not bi-coloured as far as I know...
  8. Or maybe this one?

  9. Thanks guys, I try to recall what does the handle looks like. I think it looks exactly like what I draw (not a smooth circle). Well, I really have no idea what the style called. Maybe it is really a fake.
  10. Thanks, but it's not these two. It has a black plastic handle. :idea:

  11. I saw this pic on eBay also, but no again, not this one. :confused1: Thanks John!

  12. Good luck!