Expertises~Do u know if Bal comes out a 03 Flat Clutch w Pewter HW but no strap!!

  1. Anyone who can advise this? Do you know if Bal come out with 03 flat clutch in pewter hardware but no wrislet strap??? I only know that 04 flat clutch does have the wrislet strap (whether is pewter hardware or brass HW).

    Also, i have go thru all the photos that the hollywood stars are carryin and it seems that the flat clutch does have the wrislet strap.

    I NEED EXPERTISE ON THIS as i saw one and not sure if it's authentic for sure or whether Bal does produce this.
  2. Yes, there is a large flat clutch without a wristlet strap. I think you can find it in the Leather Variations thread.
  3. Great, thanks realdealcollection...appreciate it~~
  4. Celia i have seen that clutch in lilac with silver hardware
    i thought it was the same size as the clutch with wristband (i have one in black).
    Good luck FX:heart:
  5. FX : great, at least i know there is such flat clutch produced before as i don't seem this appear so often...jus wanna to make sure that i'm seein a geninue bal u mind post a pic of ur black clutch bag for my viewing?? thanks
  6. Hi celia,
    I wil try to post the pics of my black clutch 2005.

    I hope it will be helpfull, i love the white cluth on e-bay also.
    Good Luck to U and Hugs FX:heart:
    Sorry it doesnt work to upload the pics i wil p-mail to U OK?
  7. Sure FX....thanks so much....i'm actually eyein the white clutch on eBay but i jus wanna to be sure that is authentic coz i'm not very familiar abt this one since i only know the 04 flat clutch with the wrislet strap....:smile:
  8. The Pm didnt work also so i try it with a link of my collection ok
    That does work its not up to date any more.

    Good luck with that bidding FX:heart:
  9. THANKS SO MUCH~~FX!!! U are with star....ehehhehe
  10. I've seen that it's beautiful:drool: , I hope you get it, I think it it would look so classy:yes:
  11. I've seen it as well.. It looks brand new!! GO GET IT :yahoo:
  12. Thanks Marie & MissyM~~I hope i can win the's really a rare gem....;) ;)
  13. I will be watching the auction end, feeling nervous:sweatdrop: