Expert Sisters, what do these symbols on my bracelet mean?

  1. On my CDC, one side has an s and the other is a \ in a box...please help solve this Hermes mystery for me!
    ax 004_1.jpg ax 005_1.jpg
  2. Looks like the S for sale items, but the other one???:confused1: Maybe an uncomplete craftman stamp?
  3. Where is HG? Help!
  4. Atelier and craftsman marks probably. The sale mark is usually by the Hermes stamp.
  5. ^^Thanks HG. So you don't think the S is a sale mark on this? What does Atelier mean?
  6. RC, the S looks like the Hermes sale S.....the shape, etc....HG is certainly correct as it's usually in a different place, but, with Hermes, one never knows.

    Atelier is the factory....
  7. Could it be a date stamp? I was told that this is a vintage item if that helps at all...
  8. RC, I don't know, but thought I would say hello!
  9. :p:heart:
  10. I don't know either but have been missing you around RC!
  11. It could be a datestamp. If it were a datestamp, it would make this item from 1964. Does it seem that vintage?
  12. Aw, you are too sweet!! I was having serious withdrawal while I was away!! I am also afraid to look at the Hermes in action or scarf threads because I will be tempted to run out and buy, buy, buy, again!:winkiss:
  13. Holy smokes!! No it doesn't seem that old. That would make it as old as I am!:wtf:
    Poupi thinks it is from the 80s...
    Another Hermes mystery along with my transvestite birkin!
  14. Usually ( a dangerous word to use with Hermes:p) the vintage datestamps are circled....or not if they are older but from what I can see of your bracelet, it doesn't look like it would be older than the years of the circled datestamps.

    That S still looks "SALE" to me.....but:shrugs:
  15. ^^thanks Isus!