“Expert” saying Chanel is never made of lambskin, etc….!

  1. There’s an eBay guide by a eBay user on how to spot fake Chanels. This review says, among other things, that “Chanel uses high quality calfskin on their bags NOT LAMBSKIN. Cambon bags are made in Italy, not France. …Anyone who guarantees a refund with proof from a boutique manager that the bag is fake is scamming you.”
    Huh? Really? From my own experience and by hanging out at this forum, I thought the classic flap does come in lambskin, as well as many other styles… Also the made in France/Italy thing, is that right? I think I’ve heard that Chanel does not authenticate, though.
    Can someone weigh in on this? This guide is totally confusing me.
  2. yes, there ARE lambskin bags, and LOTS of them! And no, boutiques do not authenticate.
  3. Dont believe those guides entirely. Think of it this way, the reason they wrote the guide is because they would like to "Guide" you into believing what they said and bid on their auction since they are so "knowledgeable". And so I would really judge from your own eyes, and Be-careful !
  4. ugh ok.
  5. Strange, I have several lambskin bags---
    Have also seen Chanel describe bags in print as lambskin. eBay needs to change their guide!
  6. I don't ever trust ebay ...

    I too have a number of lambskin bags ..

    just always buy from a trusted source, whether it be a boutique or a very knowledgeable SA ...