Expert opinions needed please!!

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  1. Happy Easter experts! I am in desperate need of an opinion. I have a gst (silver hw) and a lamb skin woc. I feel there is another piece I need - a medium flap type bag.

    A new medium flap here in Australia is $7160. It's a lot, right?

    I also love the following 3 bags. Anyone care to give me their valued opinion based on use and value for money/investment? They end up being around $4,000 Australian dollars due to the exchange and import duties. There is no store in the town I live in either - I know so sad .

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459066566.108216.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459066592.350443.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459066603.894079.jpg

    An easy flap unused, chevron preloved or east west preloved about 8 yrs old.

    Or do I wait and continue to look for the classic flap??

    I don't mind having a non classic bag - these 3 look like I would use them without babying them.

  2. I'm on the hunt for bag #1 !!! Where did u find this! !
  3. Actually .. I'm quite like you.
    I dun really wanna get a classic flap, but am on the lookout for seasonal ones that dun differ too far from the LooK of Chanel. .

    But actually. . If u really like a CF.. with 4000, you can also find a preloved CF ard #13 series.
  4. From what i know..this chevron design is a little floppy and slouchy which is what i dont like. And the east west is too long...maybe the easy caviar is the best out of the 3:smile:
  5. out of the 3, I like the easy flap the most and saw lots of positive feedback from owners who post theirs. the chevron one pictured from a quality/sturdiness standpoint may not be as comparable.

    However, I would say that unless you're sure you don't still want a classic flap, you might want to think about getting the M/L just because if it's what you want, you may eventually buy it anyway, at a higher price if increased. Get the bag you want - it's a luxury item/not a necessity and should only get it (whichever one) if it's truly and absolutely what you want in the end.

    good luck! :smile:
  6. those are all nice in their own way, but i'd wait for a classic flap. the east west is an older design and not extremely popular, which would translate into a much lower resale if you needed to sell it. the easy flap isn't good structurally over time b/c of the interior, and the other.. i don't know.. it doesn't look very Chanel. this is just my opinion. if you really feel you will use and enjoy one of those bags then get one, but if you can be patient, then wait for a classic flap. you could look for a gently-loved one if you want to save.. lots of those are always on the market.
  7. I thnk you should hold out for the bag you really want. I think spending $4000.00 now on a bag that you are not totally in love with does not make sense. I would save up and purchase the new classic flap you appear to really want. The bag that you would add to your collection without hesitation.
  8. Oh my gosh, I did not know m/l flaps are up to $7160 in AUS now!! That is insane! They are going up so fast, last I heard I thought Jumbo was 7k