EXPERT OPINION PLS: baby cabas - dark silver vs khaki

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  1. Dear all Chanel experts,

    I am in another dilemma now! One after the other, sorry and thanks for the patience!

    If you were me, will you choose a dark silver baby cabas or khaki cabas? How about if the price of khaki is $200 higher? ( I suppose it will be, because it might be a fall item.) Billions of thanks for your opinion and vote!!! :tup::sos:
  2. Thats a tough choice... I absolutely love them both but if I had to make a choice, it would have to be the khaki.
  3. I agree, go with the Khaki. The dark silver is pretty, but it just looks too washed out in my opinion.
  4. thanks tod & mimi,
    So, do you mean even if it may be $200 more, you will go for khaki???
    If seems like you've got the coco cabas, what's your color?
    Any opinion from other experts????
  5. im not an expert,
    but i actually like the dark siler one:smile:

    i have the white baby cabas..and I love it..
    but i have to really baby it, since it's white..
    u dont like the black one maybe?since im afraid the metalic is just a trend..

    but u cant go worng with either:smile:
    good luck!
  6. yes, even for $200 more, i'd go for the bag I REALLY want. :yes:
  7. i prefer the silver way better.
  8. Haha...I am stuck now, 2 for dark silver and 2 for khaki(bronze)...Any more vote???
  9. to me, silver is much more neutral and muted color (btw, i still haven' tseen enither in person, i'm going by pix i've seen on the board), it can go with so much. whereas bronze, it's too strong. if i was going to go with a darker color, i'd rather buy the black.
  10. Thank you takeoutbox, your analysis is very useful!!! Do you think dark silver match with different colors and different outlook easily?
  11. I like the dark silver more as well. The color is not "washed out" at all, but the perfect tone of edginess! I feel that with the bronze you are much more limited to what you could wear it with, matching-wise, like takeoutbox said. Personally, I have been considering a dark silver chanel as well! :nuts: Good luck with your decision!
  12. yep, by far.
  13. i prefer the dark silver.
  14. I have the black cabas. Keep in mind, I had a choice of the dark silver and the black when i bought it, and I chose the black. I wear very colorful clothes, and found that the dark silver didn't particularly "pop" out, and looked washed out with what I was wearing. Considering this fact, I figured that the black would better match the clothes in my wardrobe. So, I guess it all really depends on what you wear! The thing I loved about the dark silver cabas was the braided chain handle...I wish the black baby cabas had this as well!

    Also, you might want to keep in mind that there have been instances where the metallic sheen of metallic cabas bags have rubbed off...I think this would be less noticeable on the bronze than the dark silver. Just my .02 cents!
  15. Thank you all for your expert opinion!!! It's only my problem for being so indecisive!!! I hope I can make up my mind soon.