EXPERT OPINION: expandable flap, color

  1. Dear all,

    Thank you for your expert opinion. In the end, I decided to go for the expandable flap. However, I still cannot make up my mind on which color to pick. Can all the dearest tPFs give me a hand please?

    Black, white, beige, navy blue, ?brown/khaki (someone told that she saw one in US last week). Thanks again!!!

  2. I love the blue.
  3. i just purchased the beige and it is arriving in a couple of days... heehee. it is gooorgeoous
  4. I'm partial to the white because i think it looks best, but I would never buy it because I'm afraid it would become dirty and stained too easily...

    That said, I was going to choose, I would choose navy or black. Probably black.
  5. def. white!!!it look so gorgeous in white!!LOL!
    i dunno why, but im so crazy about white chanel these days!LOL!
  6. I have it in u know..I love it.On Friday..Im goin to pick up my beige one!That one is TDF too!U cant go wrong..its a fab bag..just figure out what goes BEST for YOUR wardrobe!
  7. I just got navy, to avoid yet another black bag. I love it, but almost bought the camel color when I couldn't find navy. I'm still tempted to get another, because I love the bag! Camel or white.
  8. I love the navy, great with jeans :smile:
  9. I really don't think you can go wrong in any color with this bag :yes:
  10. I have the navy and absolutely love it! The white is gorgeous too and would have to be my second pick. I think the expandable looks good in any of the colors though:heart:
  11. I have it in black, but would also love it in beige.
  12. white>navy>black>beige
  13. navy! i love this bag in that colour, simply TDF!
  14. Did anyone of you see the khaki/brown color? Should be darker than that of beige? How do you like it?