Expert on Chloe's Edith please help!

  1. I am so tempted in buying an medium size Edith, but having difficulties in describing the color the SA in the shop. Can some of the Chloe's expert please help in giving some guidelines one this (e.g. listing the available color of Edith with photos)...

  2. Do a search on threads i've started. I have both the chocolate and whiskey Ediths. Both colors are tdf!

    which one are you looking for?
  3. Thanks for the valuable information.... I think I am trying to find a medium Chamois... Hope I can still find one
  4. Edith also came in grey.
  5. Grey? do you have a photo showing the color.... I'm sometimes confuse between Chamois and grey.... actually don't know which color I''m really looking for

    I only know that I need something light in color, so something not Whisky in color....
  6. ^^nice photo! Is that from NM's site? I didn't even know that they were selling the chamois online!
  7. ^^^ Yup, from NM. They have a large Chamois available as of a few minutes ago.
  8. Chamois is a beautiful, warm buttery color. It is very neutral and you can wear it with lots of things. I don't have one but would love to own one! Whichever ever color you decide don't forget to post photos!
  9. I post the following message under another topic, Oops......

    I borrow it to my mom today... sure I will take photos tonight.... cheers

    Hey Guys..... I bought the Mastic yesterday. I'm so happy and like it so much.....

    I also struggle between getting a Whisky or Mastic when I was in the shop.... and I turn out getting the Mastic, coz I like the black stitching

    And I have to thank for you guys who have given a lot of valuable information and experience talk.
  10. Woohoo! Congratulations! Cant wait to see pics:wlae:
  11. :P Congratulations
    would love to see pics too.. hehehe
  12. [​IMG]

    This is my new baby!
  13. Nice Edith! The black stitching gives it a lot of character.