expert needed for older paddie advice

  1. i have a bag which i know is authentic bc i bought it from a fellow tPF'er. I know it's an older paddy she told me it was and compared to a 2006 paddy, it was just so different. THe thing is.... it doesn't have a date code on the inside pocket. does this mean it's a pre-2005 paddy?

    and read post #9 from user id: chloeandbags... she even confirms that older chloes didn't have date codes/tags.

    TIA!!! :smile:
    plate2.jpg heatstamp2.jpg insidehandle2.jpg lockbottom.jpg
  2. Mine doesn't have the date code and it's a 2006 model? I.E. small front pocket Paddy bought from Intermix and reliable dealer of Chloe bags.
  3. I think its just a glitch in quality control. all paddys should have datecodes... but some don't and that doesn't mean its not authentic. the big difference for me in the 05 is the leather, hands down is sooo luxurious. I also know someone that got a first edition edith that did not have a datecode.
  4. Hmmm... the second pic of the heatstamp bothers me because the font doesn't look right. :confused1:
  5. ITA :yes:

  6. From what I've heard serial tags came in in 05, which was also when the first paddingtons were released. So I'm guessing this is a QC issue.
  7. ^I agree.:tup:
    I personally don't worry about whether a bag has one or not, i tend to go by whether it looks ok if it does have one.