Expert info needed please on City vs. Work!!

  1. How do the City and Work compare in terms of their fit when carried over the shoulder (using handles, not strap on the City)? Is one more snug than the other? I'm trying to decide between these two models, and I plan to carry on the shoulder. I don't mind a snug fit under the arm, but just curious if City & Work feel any different when carried.

    I've looked at the modeling pics you've all posted and can't tell the difference. Please help!
  2. oh i wanna know about that too
  3. Both are pretty tight even with small arms like me and the work doesn't seem to have that much longer handles. If you stretch them it might work but IMO it looks a bit silly to have a bag right stucked under your arm pit.
  4. deco- i carry lots of stuff in my bags, so there is a big difference in the work and city when carried for me. it has alot to do with the amount of stuff you pack inside. when i carry the city by the shoulder, it feels like all my stuff is right under my armpit... not very comfortable. so, i carried it on the crook of my arms. the work is deeper and longer, as well as wider, so stuff hangs lower- not right under my armpits. i always carry my works on my shoulders. honestly, i feel the handles are a bit longer... or maybe mine has stretched.:Push: i am a big fan of the works, in fact i should be the spokesperson.:supacool:
  5. ^^totally agree!! I carry heavy textbooks in my rouge vif work to school everyday, so the handles have stretched quite a lot.... :yes:
  6. I have a question, would a binder and maybe some other stuff fit in the City perfectly?
  7. rey, i'm thinking a binder would make the city really look squarish and stiff. also, difficult to zip. definitely, the work would be a better choice.
  8. Aww, really? sucksssssssssssssss. maybe I could use it, when I just need my little composition books & journals then.
  9. exactly! The city fits comfortable on my shoulder but the work is definitely more comfortable.. I'm not sure if there's a big difference in the length of the handles, it's probably because stuff hangs lower :yes:
  10. thanks for your input, everyone. :flowers: But I just discovered something new, and am in a bit of a state of shock that I didn't realize this before....
    The NM in Denver carries GGGGOBBBBSS of Bbags!! How could I have not know this? has it been there all along and I haven't noticed? How can that be???? I'm suspecting that it's a new arrival in our NM, which tends ot be behind on most things, but some a**whipe somewhere assumes that Denverites are cow-pokes with no sense of style.:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: But maybe it was there all along and I was too busy gawking at the Fendis, Chloes and Pradas. I am a Bbag newb after all.

    So, I actually tried them both on, and the Work was only slightly less snug, but they both worked out well. Oh Joy!!! Bbags right in my town!!!
  11. deco, my local neiman's (in houston) just recently started carrying balenciaga bags as well. it could be that yours just recently started too. jump for joy!!!:yahoo: happy shopping to you!
  12. I think they fit perfectly in a city! Laptop, textbook, binder, and notebook can fit great in it, just can't zip. I don't like to carry anything heavy in my bbags though, but I'm sure a binder would be fine. :yes:
  13. pewter- wow! you can fit your laptop in your city?! i have a 15.4" macbook pro and i can't fit it into a city...even though the laptop is smaller than the city. it's just the opening is tight... i tried and the zipper almost scratched up my laptop. then, when i put the sleeve on it... it wouldn't fit.
  14. eeeeeeeeeenterrrrresting! Maybe it is all new. I'm going back tomorrow to dive into them and try them all on for size!!:rolleyes: I've even held a City or Work or Twiggy... Until my First arrived, I'd never seen one of this IRL either? I'll be a kid in a candy store.:wtf:
  15. Yes, it's official! NM in Denver now carries a full line of Balenciaga bags, in the infinite gorgeous scrumptiousness, and it's all recent. They only started carrying them a month ago, while I was in Europe and had no idea. They are all abuzz with excitement. So esile, you were right, they are new to Denver NM and I wasn't merely brain-dead.

    Went there today on a field trip. I tried on every singe one, in every single color. I need to do that regularly, for therapy....:nuts: I have a high stress job, and what better way to destress?