Expert Chic Divas HELP Needed PLEASE!

  1. So, I have this weakness for RED and I found this Decolletes in 37.5. :drool:

    They are eel skin - does this leather stretch? :confused1:
    Is this red a blueish red or an orangey Red?

    I wear a 37.5 Patent YoYo Zeppas.
    Can I wear a 37.5 in these Decolletes or should I go for a 38? :nogood:

    (P.S.I just bought D&G platform peep toes in 37.5 and they are HUGE!)

    Thanks Divas! :flowers:
    redell2.jpg redell.jpg
  2. I think they're a red red. I tried them on and felt that they were extremely tight. I am not sure if eel will stretch. Sorry I am not much help.
  3. I :heart: your doggie :love:
    I love my CL's but I am so sick and tired of the range of sizing :cursing:
    You'd think for this amount of moolah he could be a bit more consistent:shrugs:
  4. It's a true red. Pretty!
  5. Thanks, I just reread what you said about the yoyos, so depending on how wide your feet are, I would say you can get a 38 and if it happened to be too big you can add inserts or heel liners.
  6. I think that if you're a 37.5 in the yoyos you should get at least a 38 in the Decollete. They run VERY narrow in the toe box. I usually size up 1 to 1.5 sizes from my true US size.
  7. Thanks everyone!
    All of my other CL's are 37 and I am a USA 6.5.
    The only style I went up with is the YOYO, and the 38 was too big.
    I am leaning towards needing the 38, but I don't want a gap in the heel area.
    What to do?
    What to do?
  8. I recommend heel liners. The ones by Dr. Scholls work well:
  9. The Decollete is very very narrow. I suggest going up a full size, which for you would be a 38. They dont really stretch strech, just a tad bit after a good amount of wears. I went up a full size and after about 10 wears i put a foot petal by my toes and they are more comfy & fit perfect.
  10. Are these on eBay? Ask for an insole measurement, as well as the width across the ball of the sole.

    Match 'em up with some closed toed pumps you have ... this has worked well for me in the past.

    Good luck!
  11. I would go with what Stinas said and go with a full size up, that is what I did with my decolletes.
  12. EXCELLENT Suggestion! :idea:
    I went ahead and emailed the Seller!
    Why I didn't think of this, doh :rolleyes:

    Thanks so much. I am thinking the 38 is the right size,
    but I can purchase the 37.5 at a great savings and don't want to pass and regret.
    I could also get out of my PJ's and run over to NM :wlae:
  13. That is a great idea! You should go try on the decolletes first hand so that you can see about the sizing. Walk around a lot while you're there because the sizing on decolletes is tricky.
  14. Actually I think the Eel decolletes stretch quite well and more than other materials of decolletes. I would size up a 1/2 to a full size and either professionally stretch them or stretch them yourself. I am a US 7 and wear a 38 for the EEL decolletes and actually a 38 as well for the patent YoYos. I hope this helps.
  15. The red on the red eel Decollete's is a TRUE RED, no orange undertones at all; I'd classify it as a fire-engine red akin to the Balenciaga '06 Rouge Vif.