experimenting... poor man's french blue! lol

  1. ok so Shasta had suggested that i go check out Nordstrom rack's bag to get a feel for how french blue will look. so i did! i know i know. i crack myself up! :roflmfao:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    um yeah so my poor man's french blue bag turned out to be little bigger than city, but hey, close enough to visualize right? :p

    and i'm REALLY liking the color!! i really hope i can lay my hands on a real one soon. :sweatdrop:

    oh and on the right is me with my aqua city of course. :supacool:
  2. you are so cute!:roflmfao: your poor man's french blue...it's absolutely lovely!
  3. That's it........that's french blue. It's a great color. Too funny!
  4. Wow, that's really a very clever way to see if the color works for you before blowing your money on it! Good job!

    I think you could also try one of those Ikea bags too, although the ikea blue is a bit darker...hmmm...
  5. OMG! that is too cute LOL

    u're sooooo funny girl...
  6. You crack me up too! Great way to "try" a color!
  7. I'm so glad you took my advice. It really is the same color as FB. BTW, you look so great w/ your city!
  8. LoVe~that's great! Shasta, great idea! What a sense of humor! I LOVE those pics!

    That helps me with this color, too..because all the pics on this subforum did not look like the FB I saw at NM before...so I was confused as to how bright the FB's truly were...
  9. OMG. =D

    I had the same thoughts with one of LV's new designs that looks like a straw shopping bag.

    But on the flipside, that color is shocking!
  10. OMG - that color is so perfect! Its darker than a lot of the pics of french blue I've seen. Its lovely!
  11. gosh, ur toooooooo funny!!!... i can totally see you rocking a FB
  12. thank you for partaking in my humor ladies! :roflmfao:
  13. :p VERY COOL!! I never thought I would like a bag with such a bold color, but...

    LOVE IT!!!!
  14. Well, poor man's version or not, THAT is a stunning color!
  15. :roflmfao:

    Are you going to keep the Nordie's Rack bag? lol