Experiment.. does a cles fit into a wapity?

  1. As some of you may know i just bought a Black MC Wapity, and since i could not decide on any of the LV wallets (too hard a choice), ive been using it as a wallet/purse... and its been really useful coz it fits EVERYTHING!
    But i have a framboise cles on order at LV and want to know if this will fit into the Wapity....
    Could someone who has both items endulge my experiment and have a go and post it :smile:
  2. My cles doesn't fit in my wapity I have a vernis cles and mono wapity. Sadly, it'd be great if it could.

    I am going to LV tomorrow and experimenting on a small piece that could go with the cles.
  3. I wanted to check this out. So, I squeezed my mono cles into the wapity. Really not productive and definitely not the most useful thing to do...

    IMG_0514.JPG :Push:

    Do enjoy the framboise cles, though. It's yummy.
  4. i might just hang it off the hook ??
  5. I mainly use my white mc wappity for my digital camera, but after reading your post, I experimented and I can also fit the little snap closure address book (I took out the address book paper and I use it for ID and creditcards) in the wappity as well. Thanks for the idea!!!
  6. I was actually thinking of buying a cles for my wapity but doesn't look like a good idea anymore...
  7. I still need to buy a wapity eek. I got a smaller phone so i might be able to fit more now yay!
  8. lov it