Experiences with Vestiaire Collective?

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Do you trust Vestiaire Collective authentication?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Unsure

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  1. Hi, I don’t think you ever do and the most frustrating thing about VC is you can buy something and the seller has a month for VC to receive it. They do chase up but I’ve literally had items received the day before the deadline. Unless it’s ready to be shipped then you are at the mercy of when or if the seller sends the item in. I still think VC are better than EBay though.
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  2. I’ve browsed the site extensively searching for a good priced Chanel WOC. Almost every single one was fake. The nerve of them allowing people to charge $1500 for a fake bag scared me out of ever wanting to shop with them.
  3. I just received a scarf from this company described as "good condition" that came in pretty bad condition... It had numerous stains and the edges stitched by a person who does not know how to sew. I don't recommend this website.
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  4. Hi everyone,
    Just another bad experience to share with Vestiaire.
    I purchased a handbag but was received a completely different handbag. I contacted them and returned the bag the next working day. That was four weeks ago. Numerous emails later, they still not refunded me the money. They said it was still under investigation.
    The funny thing was I received an email two weeks ago to apologise to me that they made a mistake and should refund me very soon.
    To top it all, I thought the reason they could not process the refund was because the bag was lost in transit and it turned out they received it a long time ago.
    AVOID !
  5. Hi everyone happy New Year!
    I have a question
    How does it work if the seller and buyer are both from US does the seller still have to ship in France for authentication, or they have US office thank you kindly