Experiences with Vestiaire Collective?

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Do you trust Vestiaire Collective authentication?

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  2. No

  3. Unsure

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  1. Posting this thread as I haven't seen a similar thread here (apologies if I've missed it).

    I was wondering if anyone could report their positive or negative experiences with Givenchy from Vestiaire Collective. I'm looking to buy an antigona but I keep getting put off as I'm not sure if I can trust their authentication services. Case in point is this seller http://www.vestiairecollective.com//members/profile-1802616.shtml who as sold a LOT of antigona bags and the bags look very fake. If these bags pass Vestiaire Collective authentication then I'm very worried!
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  3. Thanks mktlim! I took a look at the thread earlier and didn't find any Givenchy specific experiences.
  4. I've not purchased from them, but with every site like it, buyer beware. Make sure you have options to protect yourself. Also, buy at your own risk. If something seems off, listen to your instincts. Even if you get that item for a major discount, but it's fake, you might as well have spent a little more to be reassured that its real bc your money certainly wasn't fake.
  5. Thanks everyone, I think I'll stay away for the time being! I'm still surprised vestiaire has had this much success and has the audacity to charge such high commission when they don't have much consumer confidence. I don't understand how they get away with OK-ing fakes!
  6. I've had nothing but good experiences with this company. It takes a while to get the item since it goes through the authentication process, but other than that...Great!
  7. Same here. I just bought some Chloé Heels for a really good price. I bought the same pair 2 years ago and they looked just tragic by now so i wanted to replace them and was lucky enough to find the excact same ones on vestaire in great condotion. Nothing to complain about from my end.
  8. Bought an IRO leather jacket in great condition for $200 from then. I've never bought a bag, but I think you just always need to micro examine photos provided when buying used designer bags. I personally hardly ever buy bags new. You save boat loads buying used.
  9. I've had good experiences with selling with them in the last year or so, but I'm extremely hesitant about buying from them when there are some very fake looking bags that seem to be passing their authentication control and the same sellers keep selling more.
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  10. Out of interest where do you buy second hand bags from if not Vestiaire?
  11. I would say they are a good company, I bought a medium boy and was given the option to cancel the purchase because it was not as described. Apparently the seller DYED the bag....... :nuts: I am really glad they caught it.

    They sent me this email and suggested a lower price but I decided to cancel.

    Your item Sac bandoulière Boy en cuir CHANEL [ref: ---------] has been checked by our Quality Control team and unfortunately its condition does not match the description given by the seller.
  12. I just purchased a hermes bolide for a great price on Monday! They have already received the bag,checked it and now it's being shipped to me. I'm soooo scared I have been sooo nervous and worried since reading all these horror stories I didn't know about the issues before purchase. & I didn't pay with paypal but with affirm so I may be screwed if anything happens. I'm crossing my fingers it's as described and auth will update when I get the bag.

  13. Horrible customer service! Got an item that has holes in it while the condition says Very good. Tried to return but your orders are listed in French and there are no pictures. So I picked the wrong order number. When we finally got to the bottom of the issue, they are refusing to accept the return! So be aware - despite their claim for quality control you can get a faulty item and won’t be able to return it! Even eBay is better
  14. Hi, I have used them loads and I have never had a problem. For example before Christmas I bought a New Style Studded Bay Small. They contacted me to say they were withholding it because corners were scuffed. Then offered a reduction or cancel. I still bought it and when it arrived I couldn’t even notice the scuffs. My husband thought it was new. All I can think is it’s clearly down to whoever does the quality control. I can only speak from my experience over the last few years buying and selling, many things have been pulled before being sent to me for not meeting the required standard. I had a MK watch order cancelled completely, I can only assume it wasn’t genuine, and an immediate refund.
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  15. Hi people...

    Just checking, does anyone of you know if the seller will be informed of who the buyer is...? I just bought a bag of VC and it's stuck at the 'Receipt - Awaiting receipt' process for a couple of days... and I guess my tone was a bit too business-y when I asked about the details in the comments section earlier on. Am wondering if the seller took issue to that. I saw that she resold one of her bags twice, but with different pricing each time (high-low-high).

    Kind of worried here because this order is meant to be a birthday present...