Experiences with the Koala wallet?

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  1. Has any one had any experiences and have any pros and cons to it?
  2. I have a Mono Koala and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The pros are it is compact and it still holds a lot of credit cards. I love that it has the ID window. I find there are no cons.

    My DH just bought me a MC one since I love my mono so much. I don't get to have it until our anniversary next week. So now I have 2. I might try to sell my mono one.
  3. I loveeee mine but find that it cannot fit a lot of coins
    so if that is an issue then maybe reconsider
  4. I agree its difficult to fit coins. Here's a great exscuse to get another LV accesory:graucho:
  5. I have the damier koala wallet - I love it, it is so pretty with the red interior.

    I switch out my wallets quite a bit and have no problems with it.
  6. I love to switch out my wallets from time-to-time. I really like the Koala but my next wallet purchase will be the mono zippy.
  7. I also have the damier koala wallet and love the red interior. I guess the only con is that the wallet tends to bulge with too many coins.
  8. I have the Mono Koala Wallet and love it. I only own one other wallet a Black Epi PTI and I rarely change from using my Koala I find it to be the perfect wallet: the right size, enough cc slots, generous cash capacity, perfect amount of brass with the koala clip closure! Love it.
  9. I have it in Mono and not too crazy about it ... aside from not being able to use the zipped pocket for coins, it also gets too bulky when it's full of cc's and cash/receipts. Maybe I just carry too much stuff ... I prefer the Alexandra which is a little similar.
  10. I find it a bit on the bulky side when filled. I use a Cles for coins. I do like the buckle though. I had to have mine repaired though. Hardly used (since I switch alot) but the glazing on the fold peeled. Were I to do it all over again, I would get the Alexandra (which wasn't out when I got mine.)
  11. any tarnishing on the hardware if you use it as an everyday wallet?


  12. No problems with my mono. I used it everyday for a year. I love the koala so much I just bought another one in MC yesterday.

    Here is my mono after a year.

    Here is my new white MC

  13. I love mine (in monogram) but I have to get a small coin purse to complement it
  14. I have a red epi Koala. The only problem I have with it is sometimes it is hard for me to unclasp it. It has the pointy clasp, not the round one. I love this wallet, however, and use it daily and have been doing so for over a year. It looks brand new and the silver hardware is still shining bright!
  15. I have one in the vernis pomme d'amour and I love it!
    It's really one of the best wallets I've had so far, no problem with the coin compartment though. Maybe cos my currency has small coins.
    And after 1 year, it's still in great condition, except the hardware tends to have a little scratches.

    If I had to buy a new wallet if this one finally wears out (whenever that'll be), I'll probably get another koala!