Experiences with ShopRobertson & RevolveClothing?

  1. Hi Ladies!

    Holt Renfrew here in Canada has the wooooorst selection of Mike&Chris apparel, so I'm looking to order online. Robertson and Revolve have what I want sooo.... anyone had good / bad experiences shopping with them online, especially cross-border? Any other online stores you would recommend? :tup:

    Also, if any Canadians know where they sell M&C aside from Holts, do share! THANKS!
  2. I'm in the US, but I've had great experiences with both. I also like Shopbop, Shop Rapunzels, Shop Dolly Rocker, Summerblu, Planet Funk and Adasa. Good experiences with all those companies! :tup:
  3. used revolve for something just last week. the order went fine, stuff arrived fast, and now I'm in the process of returning something so I can't comment on that... yet. I am a satisfied customer with them though, I'd buy again.
  4. So far so good!! And thanks for the other store suggestions Claire, I'm going to check them out too!
  5. I love Revolve and order from them all of the time. The order arrives quickly and the return process is really easy.
  6. i'm in the u.s. and have bought from revolve many times and love them. excellent customer service and super fast shipping!
  7. I'm in the US and often shop at revolveclothing. They have great customer service. One time my order was lost in the mail (UPS) and they refunded me right away instead of making me wait through the whole UPS tracking/claims ordeal. Highly recommended!
  8. revolve are great, i've had nothing but great experiences with them!
  9. I'm in Holland and order from Revolve all the time. Excellent service, fast shipping. Two thumbs up.
  10. YAY! I'm going to do it :smile:
  11. i love revolve but they declare the full value so u will have to pay some taxes. make sure u use one of the discount codes out there.
  12. Another vote for revolve!!!
    Awesome customer service, free returns, great coupon codes, and a very impressive selection of brands. You can not go wrong. If I can get the item I am looking for at revolve, that is always my first choice.
  13. Revolve has always been great for me! (although I am in the states). You can almost always find a cool discount code, and shipping is speedy. Nice customer service.
  14. I've ordered from Revolve Clothing before and had no problems. They recently updated their site so there's wide variety now. Also try Adasa.com.
  15. I live in the UK and have had no problems with Revolve at all. They do declare the full value of the goods though so i always have to pay customs.