Experiences With ShopKitson.com?

  1. (I hope this is in the right forum)

    I've put in an order with shopkitson.com, and while they haven't charged my CC yet, it's been almost a week (not yet in business days) and my order hasn't shipped. Has anyone here ordered with them before/is this typical? How long should I wait before becoming concerned? (Fine print on their site says it can take up to 7 business days to ship things)

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. I ordered from them only once and my experience was terrible. I was in the same situation as you. After a week or two I finally called to see why my order had not shipped. They told me the item was out of stock. But for some reason, they hadn't bothered to contact me to let me know??? So the lady helped me place another order. I was able to get the item that I wanted anyway because in addition to the bad communication they also had their shoes marked with the wrong sizes. I had initially ordered a size 8 which corresponds with a size 38. They HAD a size 38 in stock only they call it a size 9. Confused yet? Yeah, me too.
    I hope your order turns out OK. In the end mine was fine but it took about a month.
  3. I ordered something from them too about 3-4 months ago and after about a week received an email that it was out of stock.

    I still look on the site but haven't ordered anything lately.
  4. I honestly think they just have a website for show purposes. they have so much foot traffic that they dont even need to have a website. I heard its slow too, thats why I just go into the store.
  5. I agree with FW1; their website is probably designed more for information than actual ordering since they get so many in-store visitors and they're so busy catering to their celeb clientele. I've ordered twice from Intuition, another hot LA celeb store, and I've had horrible experiences both times. I still browse the website a lot just because they get new arrivals a lot and have lots of cute, casual chic items, but I don't think I'd ever order from them again.
  6. yep, i agree with everyone. i ordered a pair of LAMB sneakers a few years ago, and i didn't receive them for over 2 weeks. it wasn't worth the hassle at ALL.
  7. ITA. In store, it's fine and the people are nice but the website service is lacking. Intuition is horrible though...I got my first 2 Primp jackets from them when they first came out and were only taking orders for them. It took about a month to get them. Second time, I tried to order a pair of Primp shorts because they were on sale. Everything went fine and then a few days later I get this email saying something like "because of our blow out sale, our customers blew out our computers!" and requested that you resumbit your info. So I did and then a week later, I get this OTHER email saying that my shorts were out of stock and my CC wasn't charged. Oh boy was I mad.
  8. ^oh, GOD yes. i've had horrible service with intuition as well!
  9. i ordered from them once and the shipment took forever to arrive. but i was happy with what i got
  10. shopkitson and instuition have horrible service. extremely slow shipping. I waited over 2 months for a pair of michael kors boots.
  11. better just to go in, if possible. The staff is really nice dispite how many celebs clients they get everyday..its very hectic though. Freakin' toursits are posted outside just waiting for a celeb to walk through which makes it hard to shop....but I still love going there because of the variety of things they offer. If I needed a part time job and lived walking distance in of the nearby condos..id totally beg them for a job haha
  12. ^^Lol I know. Intuition as a store doesn't excite me but I like Kitson and Lisa Kline.
  13. ^ I like Madison a few doors down too
  14. Hm, darn. I wish I could go to their actual location, but being on the other side of the country will tend to mess things like that up.

    I'll probably give them a call on Monday, then... Blah, wish me luck. How are they to deal with on the phone? Snobby, ok, etc...? :/
  15. ^I had a horrible experience calling them (the lady was extremely snobby). It was SO horrible that I stopped shopping there. Good luck!