Experiences with Mulberry Online ?

  1. Hi girls,

    I just got my scarf that I purchased from Mulberry.com and there are so many issues. Firstly the scarf I ordered was NOT the one I received. I ordered this one during the sale:


    They sent me this one instead :

    Also my scarf just came in a cheap plastic bag type thing. I swear I read on the mulberry website that all items come with a mulberry box ? Can anybody confirm this who has had experience with Mulberry.com ?

    Thanks girls.
  2. Oh dear. I've never ordered from mulberry.com so no help really but their customer services are normally good so give them a call or e-mail them. I'm sure they'll correct the problem quick smart!
  3. I would lay it on a bit,ie, expense and time of having to return, you never know they may let you keep it and send you the correct order (they sent me a complimentary keyring)
  4. I have just ordered the stripey cashmere one,if something else comes there will be HELL to pay!!! But I think its coz I've had to wait soooooo long an I really want it (stamps feet!!)

    Seriously though from what I have heard their customer service is fantastic,so they should sort out for you,also ask them to minus the cost of your return post too,was their mistake,and I think they will re-imburse you or knock it off the other scarf.And tell them about the box too. Personally I wing boxes out,but it is nice to get a new thing in a box.