Experiences with Metallic Purses

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I purchased a gold Burberry metallic tote yesterday on sale at the Burberry store. I just wondered what experiences anyone has had with the metallic purses. The leather is buffalo and it's so soft. I realize this is a Burberry topic, but I wondered if anyone has any cautionary advice about the higher end metallic purses? I have 14 days to return it and want to feel like I'll be happy with it. What do you carry them with and will they be trendy for this season and then disappear? A lot of money if they flake/fade or will only be good for one season.
  2. Metallic bags are my favorite and are great to spice up an outfit. However, my only word of caution is that the metallic will eventually flake off at corners or the handles where they are touched more often. This is inevitable and you cannot do anything to stop it. If you are okay with the metallic eventually fading out then I would just keep it. It sounds like you got a great deal on it.
  3. Yes, it was originally $1595 and I ended up getting it for $600 due to someone posting on TPF an extra 25% off sale at Burberry. Is the metallic look really trendy? I looked around at the spring collection in Neiman Marcus and they still have some metallics coming out for spring. I don't pamper my purses and always buy leather but this metallic over what the SA says is buffalo leather has me wondering about it.