Experiences with Luxury Garage Sale

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  1. Has anyone had any experience consigning with Luxury Garage Sale? They have a pretty good operation on eBay and via their own Web site, and I've purchased a lot of things from them and thought I might try them out to consign some things, but I'm hoping I can get some firsthand stories about them from TPF before I send them my stuff. Anyone?
  2. They are "particular" about what they accept.. I called the Chicago office & it worked out for me.. They arrange a free pick up
    but really like high end designer items especially in their outlet stores. They also will
    negotiate just like they do on ebay with best offers in their stores
  3. Thanks @hotshot did they evaluate your items by photo or did you send it to them?
  4. I sent it to them but I did speak to the gal who handles consignment & she was very particular in what she was looking
    for. I choose to go to the retail store as opposed to ebay because the pricing was better & the items I was sending
    were high end designer clothing.
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