Experiences with Fashion Station?

  1. I did a search for this and didn't find anything.

    Does anyone have feedback on fashion-station.com? I did a google search for an Adam Lippes item I've been trying to locate in my size and this site has it.
  2. I've been wondering the same thing! I have not been able to find reviews anywhere. I think it shouldddd be okay, just because they only allow you to pay with paypal and if the site is a fraud and they dont send you anything or send you a fake then you can report it and paypal will refund you the money. Let me know if you end up buying and how your experience went!
  3. I just found Fashion-Station too. Created an account for this forum just to contribute to this discussion ha! There doesn't seem to be any commentary about it online except for this - which is only a few days old (potentially meaning it has only been around a few days...)

    There are a few other suspect things about it... all photos have been taken from Shopbop (could just be a money saver I guess, although you'd think there would be some sort of copyright issue with it...), the "bio" on the front page is copied straight from Shopbop's "About Us" (even says Shopbop in it!) and there is no phone number - a must you would think for a website with such a large inventory and stock. Plus no Facebook or Twitter.

    I have sent them an email enquiring about an item, so I'll see if their response sheds any light on the situation.

    I really do want this website to be real though! It's prices are so so cheap! And it has a pair of shoes I've been chasing in my size that are sold out everywhere else!

    Anyone who has made a purchase from them - please let us know how it went!
  4. I'm curious too. The website seems very put together. It looks really nice.
  5. I sent them an email about a product the day I first posted this and I haven't heard back. The Adam pants I want are numbered sizes, and this site shows them in letter sizes. I asked them to clarify.

    I'm not going to order since I'm not sure what size to attempt.

    I will be interested to see if anyone has luck with this shop!

    PleaseDO NOT ORDER on this website.They are fraudsters. I ordered merchandise and it was never received. I am now trying to get my money back from Pay Pal.
  7. I recently ordered from this website and never received the tunic I ordered. I tried contacting them via Live Chat on their website and all I get is the message that someone will get back to me shortly. It's been over a week since I first tried to contact them. I started a dispute on PayPal and I'm waiting to see if the seller will respond through PayPal dispute although I feel it's unlikely. I would recommend not ordering from this website.
  8. I bought a jacket from fashion station and it's been 2 weeks and I have not received it or any notification stating that it was shipped. I have sent them many messages and have not received any replies. I'm going to call paypal and report them and hopefully get my money back. That site should be reported and taken down.
  9. I joined this forum just to say I ordered from Fashion Station, they sent me an email to say they had not received my money even though Paypal sent an email to say they sent the payment. I have not received my order, so I posted a claim through Paypal today.
  10. Hi Cathy,
    I ordered jewellery ($100) from Fashion Station and unfortunately they are frauds. I launched a claim through Pay Pal and received a full reimbursement. I wish someone could shut them down so honest people like you don't continue to be ripped off. Good luck and go launch your claim asap!!!
  11. I placed an order with them and got an error message for my paymet, so I decided to look them up and found this forum and I quickly went to paypal and cancled my paymet. Today I checked my e-mail and somehow the payment went through so I guess I will be with the rest of you trying to get my money back.
  12. NEVER MAKE PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE. I placed order from this website but never received my merchandise, I tried to send them a few messages but never got any response from them. I had to file claim to paypal, I got full refund after 10 days.
  13. I bought a pair OF shoes A month ago and no news... They do not reply my emails...