Experiences with 2nd-hangbag.com?

  1. Has anyone bought from them and did you use their regular shipping for $30 or EMS for $50? Also I'm a little hesitant to buy since they don't take paypal anymore, just moneybookers.com and I'm not sure how it works. I know that there's a fee for sending money, 1% (up to 0.80 USD), not sure what that means though.

    Any experiences since they started taking moneybookers.com?
  2. site doesn't work.....
  3. OOPs, typo..I meant 2nd-handbag.com!
  4. I have ordered from them before. I've even sent money via Western Union or Banque wire. They are reliable...
  5. ^have you ordered from them via payment with moneybookers.com? I guess what I'm really asking is...is moneybookers.com reliable and how does it work?