Experiences w/ Eluxury

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to know everyone's experiences w/ Eluxury.com.......because I have recently ordered from them and am awaiting a new LV.

    I have recently read a thread on PurseForum stating that someone has received a fake (Christian Dior) bag from Eluxury...has anyone else had this problem?

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. i just ordered saleya this morning and i hope it's not true..
  3. I have had wonderful service from eluxury. The bags have been authentic, the service perfect. Nothing negative to report!
  4. the delivery confirmations have been horrible. last time i ordered, i never even got an email confirm. it just showed up at my house a week later. and i just ordered the wapity, and it's been a few days, still no delivery confirm. i think their service is not as good as it used to be. but no fakes so far.
  5. someone received a fake from them?? :weird:
  6. Holy crap, please tell me this isn't true.....

  7. That is horrifying...
  8. No way!...I serious doubt that (fakes handbags)! I've had LV, Tod's and Dior SA's recommend Eluxury (when something is sold out). I think it was just a disgruntled customer, although I do have to agree with Fayden, their customer service has gone down hill. So far, I've been lucky, no real bad customer service problems (ordered from them several times) to report.
  9. My exp. so far has been good - have been buying from them for the past 3,4 years. Just bought a Speedy and Dior from them before the LV price increase - got email confirmation of the order and shipment, they should be here tomorrow! I once ordered a Dior from them, and waited for a few days before they called and let me know they only had one left and it was damaged. They hand't charged my cc so it wasn't a big deal.
  10. Just received my Suhali from them. Impeccable service and packaging, not to mention the beautiful product. I'm a satisfied customer.
  11. I ordered a pair of shoes. They ended up being too small, so I returned them with no problem. But the packaging was not that great :blink: The shoes were a bit dusty, too.
  12. I ordered from them about 4 or 5 months ago. It was packaged very well but ups beat the hell out of it.:evil: They always have quick email responses and are always curtious and helpful. I looove elux. I think the fake Dior thing is completly untrue. They would never do that.
  13. Eluxury is owned by the corporation who knows Louis Vuitton. I seriously doubt about the fakery. However, I've heard lots of stories Gucci in particular about going to a store to authenticate something and the manager and SAs being off.
  14. I've ordered numberous times via Eluxury for LV items and each experience has been great. I love their packaging and everyone arrived within 3-4 days. Customer service is great as well.
  15. I have actually ordered from them before as well, I received a Botkier bag....it was perfect but I just happened to change my mind because I wanted an LV, so I exchanged it with no problems. The customer service and delivery confirmation etc. was great.....

    BUT the day after I ordered my LV I came across that post about the Christian Dior and was horrified....I didn't think it could possibly be true, but you never know! So just thought I would ask. Thanks for all your help so far!! :smile: