Experiences overall with Linea Pelle and Alexis Hudson?

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  1. Hi guys!
    Could you let me know your thoughts and experiences with Linea Pelle and Alexis Hudson bags? Are they:
    -well made?
    -worth the money?
    -holding up well after using for a while?
    -would you buy the brand again?
    -did you pay full price?
    -favourite styles from these lines?
    I found a smattering of threads on these two but couldn't find any specific answers to these questions. TIA!:flowers:
  2. I love my Linea Pelle bags!
    They are made from incredibly soft leather, and seem to hold up welll.
    I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse, so they get pretty packed.
    I think their quality is great, as I've never had a problem with them.

    Would I buy from them again??? Let's see - I think I have about 12 of their bags
    so far, so that would be a yes. I'm watching a few to see if the price goes down more.

    I've never paid full price, but I think they would be worth it.

    Favorite style??? I don't really have one.

    Hope that helps! I really do love their bags.
  3. That's really helpful- thanks!
    Anyone else?:smile:
  4. I'm curious too. Been eyeing the Linea Pelle Piper Speedy bag...

    Can't wait to hear more about the brand.
  5. I had the Dylan Messenger, but I sent it back because it was just too big to carry that way for me. But I really liked it, and I thought it was very well made. Plus the CS was wonderful. I would like to get another one, but I can't find the "right" style so far.
  6. I concur. Wearing one of my 3 Linea Pelle bags today, and love it. Soft but durable leather, very well styled. Purchased the 3 bags and a wallet on sale. Very happy with my purchases. Since I realized I own more than 80 bags, evening bags, tote bags and computer bags, I don't expect to be purchasing anything any time soon. But if I did, Chanel, Bottega Veneta and Linea Pelle would be high on my list - - oh, did I leave out Bulga? Love those bags, too!
  7. Besides the Linea Pelle website. Do you have recommendations on where to purchase? Extra points for sites that offer discounts. LOL
  8. Sorry, no. Ordered all items on sale on the Linea Pelle website. I'm guessing that if you Google Linea Pelle, you'll hit a number of venders who carry the label. Although I never needed to contact LP's customer service, I read from a number of people that Allison, the LP CS rep, was extremely nice and helpful - - which is one advantage of ordering directly from the LP website, rather than another vendor.
  9. I usually prefer that anyway. So maybe I'll take another gander. Do you know how long it takes for items to go on sale at Linea Pelle? Just curious, I am quite unfamiliar with the brand, but very interested. :nuts:
  10. No idea. Had never heard of LP until TPF. Found out about the sale through TPF. You might want to check their website - - I've noticed that from time to time, there are sale and closeout items on their site, even if there isn't a large general sale. Or email CS, and ask if they are planning to have any large sample sales. Then, make sure to let us all know. What am I saying? I will not buy another bag, I will not buy another bag, I will ...
  11. Bluefly.com just started selling LP bags! But if I remember correctly the prices aren't as good as they were during LP's own sale. I've been eyeing the Fatima large shopper for ages but haven't gone over the edge yet. Maybe if I ever find it for under $200...

  12. going there right now!
  13. LunaBoston is starting to carry LP bags (although they're not on the site yet). I was there today and saw a couple of styles (sorry I don't know the names). If they end up having a style you want, you can use the code grechen for 20% off.
  14. I got an Alexis Hudson bag when they first launched years ago....it has held up very well and I love the braided handles and the blue color.
  15. I often see the Linea Pelle bags at Off 5th...usually for $200 or less...haven't seen any for a few weeks now though