Experiences Buying Nordstrom Jewelry?

  1. Have you ever bought from the fine jewelry at Nordstrom that is their own line, not another brand?

    Last weekend I saw a diamond necklace I thought was pretty... but I just get so cautious, like I wonder if the diamonds will sparkle as much outside the store as they do in the cases with the special lighting and stuff. I have to buy it this weekend, so I'm going on Sunday with my dad (early bday gift, woohoo!), because a considerable amount less than it will be on Monday after the Anniversary sale ends.

    So anyway, if you've bought anything in their fine jewelry, i guess specifically diamonds, have you been happy with the quality?
  2. A friend bought a few of their stack rings for her wedding set, and has been very happy. She saw one of them in the anniv. catalog about a week later and they did a price adjustment for her.