Experienced eyes - do these look too small?

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  1. For months I've been stalking the bay for a pair of Declics 120. Any colour (other than dark green or red!) and any material. Finally... a brand new pair of Elephant Gray popped up, and soon after they were on their way to little old New Zealand, to me!

    I've had them for a few weeks now and I'm really trying to persuade myself that they are not too tight but every time I put them on, they hurt like hell.

    I got them TTS, going by my patent Pigalles 100 which fit more than perfect and are my regular shoe size. I asked a few people and read lots of posts on here and thought they'd be perfect. And they're suede so I figured they'd stretch easily! But OMG. I tried the sock trick and even the hair dryer trick but still tight! I just can't bear to part with them but I'm starting to think that my feet look deformed in them :crybaby: I need to go on a toe diet :sad: :sad: :sad:

    So please, experienced eyes, what do you think? Thank you xx

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  2. They do look just a teeny tiny bit tight but since it's suede, I guarantee they will stretch. You have to get at least a couple wears before they stretch though... The sock trick for a couple hours won't make a big difference. Endure the pain in the beginning but after a few wears it will be worth it!
  3. They look fine to me.
  4. They will stretch just keep pushing through the pain it will be worth it, suede is tons more stretchy than say patent. Good luck x
  5. They don't look too small, but if they feel like they are, then they are. The suede on the Declics is not soft like on other shoes. They are pretty structured and the toe box is short. I think you need to go up a half size. Sorry!
  6. I think they're too short and your toes seem in pain, I would definitely go half a size up
  7. That definitely looks more squished than my toes in my declics--and mine are tight on me. I'd say you need to go a half-size up, yeah. Sorry! I know it's got to be disappointing after searching for so long.
  8. Based on what you said about sizing, I think you should go a half size up from your Pigalle 100s, so yes, they are too small for you. The length doesn't look bad, but your feet look a tad wide for the size you're wearing.
  9. You can also try taking them to a Cobbler for a professional stretching;)
  10. I'd wear them and give them a shot. If they are ok in length, I think you can make it work.
  11. Only you can tell!
    BUT, what is important is that the length is good. If they fit you length wise then i wouldn't go up a size-they will be too big and you will have heel slippage for sure.
    If they are too tight in the toe box area bring them to a cobbler and get them stretched- they will be fine!
  12. I think you should take them to a Cobbler, he will charge you around $5 and in 24 hours he'll stretch them for you. I had this done with my Rolandos, and it worked pretty well!!
  13. The back appears to have a tad of space near your heel, so that said I think they'll fit after 2 wears. They look good to me in length just a hair too narrow, my experience is that width always stretches but short length is a permanent problem...;)
  14. go up 1/2 size and you won't regret it!
    beautiful shoes btw, i love declics.
  15. My suede declics most definitely stretched - but it seems more in the length then the width. If you can have a cobbler stretch mostly the toe box, you'll probably be ok, but if they can't, they will probably be too small. Mine still kill my feet even though the length is now too long. Good luck!