Experienced Chanel owners......really *need* your advice - should I "keep or return"

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  1. Greetings all,

    Really in need of your advice. I just received this beautiful Chanel. In my small Chanel family, I have a Black Caviar PST, Black Lambskin Mini Flap and small Dark Silver Metallic Mini Etui Crossbody so I am still relatively new to Chanel.

    I have been wanting to add a color other than Black. Maybe a red or a neutral, such as a taupe-like brown or grey.

    Found this gorgeous Chanel, it is sooooooooo soft and exactly the Taupey brown color I was hoping for, it is just stunning in person! I adore it, except I have one area of concern.......

    ......for those of you that own Chanels where the chain straps come out the sides of the handbag rather than the top, do you find it wears in that area? I can already see that the leather is bending and I have not taken the tags off or taken it out of our home. Please see the picture below. If it was Black, I suppose I would not be so concerned, but with this color, I am really worried and think I should consider returning it.

    Keep or return? I would be so grateful for any advice you could provide. Thanks in advance!

  2. Return.
  3. Return. The leather bending n showing when worn would bother me esp with more uses.
  4. I would return it
  5. That doesn't look good to me in the photo! I would return it
  6. Would they really allow a return on a bag that already shows wear like this? OP I believe you that you've only carried it around the house but I think it might be hard to convince an SA...
  7. I did not buy it from a Chanel Boutique, it is from a reputable consignor with a return policy and I have only just opened the box and taken a picture, all tags are still attached, there will be no issue with a return.
  8. Thanks so much floriade, that was my first impression too.
  9. Thanks for your post Emerilla, appreciate it.
  10. Oh good, glad to hear it. I would definitely return it then. Although i am now curious if this is a typical issue with bags with chains on the side like this.
  11. Thanks bubs, I think over time this would bother me too and if it looks like this now when I have just received it, I think it will only get worse. Thanks again for your post.
  12. Hi Hrori, thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it greatly! Hope the weekend is good!
  13. I am in the minority here- but I don't think that I would return the bag based on the picture I see..... is this a Chanel 3 or a bubble quilt? I think it is the design of the bag. If you love the color, shape and style, then keep:idea:
  14. hi again acrowcounted, thanks. I was wondering the same thing so I thought I would begin a thread, I really do not know if this is typical..... or what the sides would look like as time go on, but my hunch is it would get worse. I just wanted some feedback because my initial reaction is to send it back, but wanted to make sure I was overreacting, ha!
  15. hi babyontheway, thanks much for your post, it is a Chanel 3, the leather is soooooooo gorgeous, I seriously have never touched such soft leather, even my DH was in awe and the color is like this delicious Nutmeg color, it is to die for. I really love the style, the interior is fabulous too. I baby my bags though, and so if this bending is is going to turn into dark wear, that concerns me.