Experienced Chanel owners, advice for one and only Chanel on a "budget"?

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  1. Hello! New to the Chanel forum and the brand itself. All of you Chanel lovers, I need your advice. With the recent price increases and more projected for the future, I have decided it is high time I get myself my first Chanel purse. It may very well be my first and only (famous last words, right?) as I like to have a variety of handbag brands and styles generally speaking.

    Now, normally, one would probably suggest I get a classic flap bag. But that's where we hit my major constraint, which is financial. Of all the classic flap bag sizes, I like the m/l the best for its proportions. But it currently retails for $3,400, which is nearly 4k with tax. I just don't feel comfortable paying nearly 4k for a bag that is not my HG. I like it, but I don't looove it. No offense to anyone out there...it's a gorgeous bag but not my HG.

    So I would like any recommendations on a Chanel bag that you can recommend that does not exceed 3k retail even with tax. I know this is not easy, so I am asking for your sage advice. I am currently considering a wide range of sizes and styles, and leading the race are the WOC (for its cuteness and convenience), the ptt/pst/gst (for their practicality) and the east/west (for its elegance). I like them because they are classic and each have their own pros/cons. I guess also a side issue would be if this is going to be my first and only at least for a long time, should I get one that most use for everyday (WOC, the totes) or probably more for evening (east/west...looks like it's more evening, unless I am mistaken)? In other words, do Chanel bags wear well or should I save the bag for evening if I want it to still look good in a couple of years?

    Sorry this is so long...it's just been only my mind lately, and I don't want to make a costly mistake, so I need all the help I can get! :biggrin:
  2. Why don't you get a CC elastic. My husband got me this purse as a present and it costs less (<$2500) than a classic flap plus it can hold as much. It is not rigid so I think it has a younger feel to it. The interior is not lined in leather either fyi. BTW, this bag was bought from Bloomies in NYC, but the last time I was there (2 days ago), they didn't have this bag anymore. Good luck in your search for your 1st chanel!

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  3. that's really cute, thanks for the great suggestion! it looks really functional, classic yet youthful at the same time.
  4. Are you ok with pre-loved? You could get an amazing bag (preloved) in your given budget.

    If I could only have one I'd do a black caviar flap. Vintage bags are made soooo much better in my opinion. I think it would depend on what you would use it for - for me the flap style is the ultimate in Chanel, and I would do a Jumbo because you can dress it up or down. The lamb is divine, but vintage caviar is virtually indestructible, so if this is a bag that has to last a lifetime, I would go that way.

    I, like you, have to be careful with my pennies. I've had about 8 chanel bags in my life, and sold most of them. The jumbo was by far my favorite.
  5. Chanel half moon WOC? My BFF got one and it was like <US$1,500.00 or Chanel 3 US$2,700 with smooth lambskin.

    Both very roomy and classic... and current styles.

    Some very knowledge TPFers have mentioned that Bloomingdale is having a new CC open promotion that you can get 15% off.... search the forum for more Bloomingdale new card holder deal info...
  6. sarafina77: good point. i have considered vintage...just scared b/c there are so many fakes. but i have been watching a few bags closely on some reputable websites (won't name them since not sure if it's against the rules?). would you say vintage is better b/c you can find something more unique or the quality, something everyone seems to be complaining about when it comes to chanel bags within the last few years?

    tonkamama: good suggestion, but i asked a couple of SAs at my local bloomingdales recently on Michigan Ave, and they all said it wouldn't apply to chanel. if only! or maybe i'm wrong? anyone know more about their recent policies?
  7. buy vintage, when they were actually gold plated.. and better quality
    i bought a vintage xl in perfect condition, not a mark on it for approx 2500us
    there is ALOT on ebay, just make sure you get it authenticated here first, and its from a reputable seller. i have purchased a few on ebay and i am extremely happy with them.
    be careful, check here first, check their history and feedback etc, should be ok!
  8. I have always wanted a chanel bag..specifically the flap in lambskin... I am the type of person who ALWAYS feels that having something "new" is better than having something used. But after seriously going through a lot of the posts in this forum in june, I thought that the best thing to do would buy a vintage..mainly for the price and the quality. If a flap is your HG then why not buy a used one? :smile: There are always lots being posted on the bay and you can get it authenticated here on tpf. Just wait until you find one that is in the exact codition you want and you should be happy! HTH!
  9. Vintage is a wonderful way to go - you will be smitten with the feeling of history and great quality. :cloud9:
  10. I also wanted to say, you can find them in perfect condition, like new condition, so its not like you have to buy something showing its use. good luck!
  11. I love my Cerf tote - Black with GHW :smile:

    I believe it retails for ~2200 USD pre-tax. If you sign up for a Dept store credit card....Saks or Bloomies, there is a 10-15% discount for new account holders. Every little bit helps :smile: check out their website for details.

    Good luck deciding and have fun shopping!
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    If you are considering WOC then I would go for the Camellia flap...it comes in black lambskin and GHW and it fits more than a WOC. The camellia is adorable and its a reasonable price! I would also recommend a E/W flap...I think they were retailing around $2,250 pre-price increase. The e/w fits more than a m/l because there's only one flap plus the strap is removable on one side so you can turn the bag into a clutch or tuck in the strap! I love to use my e/w for everyday because its so light!

    Here's lightday's Camellia Flap
  13. If you can only get one you need to think about whether you would prefer an everyday bag or a speciall occasion bag. I went for everyday :smile:

    I reccomend a PST. I absolutly adore mine, and use it literally everday. It's super-solid and sturdy, so I don't worry about hurting it and I think it holds exactly the right amount.
  14. the pst, gst or woc are all good options for less pricey new chanel. i am a huge chanel fan so if i could have one and (possibly) only it would be a flap. i'm deathly afraid of fakes too but i hear the authenticators on this site are great