experienced Alexa owners pls help! does this look new?


May 10, 2010
Hi, everyone! I just received my ink Alexa yesterday & as much as I was excited, I was also a little disappointed. I purchased the Alexa on Ebay after getting an approval from the authentification page & I am pretty sure it is authenticate myself. However, the question is does this Alexa look new?

I am a first time Mulberry buyer so I don't know the craftsmanship of the company. The seller did not mention these flaws before or after the transaction either and it was listed as "new with tags".

Also, truth is that I realized the regular size Alexa is a bit small for me and I MIGHT want to sell this and wait for an oversized ink on Ebay.. but if this is used, then nobody would be willing to pay as much as I did when I thought it was new since it actually shows signs of usage. What should I do? Here are few images

weird tone change on the lock

glue/sticky substance on back side of lock

scratches on hardware

fold at where the strap was originally buckled

dried liquid substance under the strap that was supposed to hook onto this

popped seam?

I would most appreciate if anyone can help me out and let me know if they purchased an Alexa straight from Mulberry that had these problems! If not, what should I do? I thank you in advance!


Aug 20, 2010
I'm neither experienced nor an Alexa owner and that doesn't look new to me. Looks used and poorly taken care of. You might want to have that reflect in your feedback but as long as it's just superficial scuffs and things that can be cleaned, it should still be re-sellable if that's the route you want to take.
Jul 9, 2009
it is used- should clean up though if you want to use it- but if you paid a lot for it and are worried about resale value Id contact the seller straight away and voice your concerns they may allow you to cancel and send back then you can wait for an os?


Feb 12, 2009
West Berkshire (UK)
If it was listed 'New with tags' then you will have a case to return it. I have no experience myself but I know that you can file a claim via ebay/ paypal as the bag is SNAD - significantly not as described.
I'm sure somebody will be along later to help you through the process.
Good luck with it.


Oct 30, 2008
This is definitely used. My hardware was shiny and only acquired those abrasion after I used it for a few months. The seams on my bag were also flat when I first received it. File a case and all the best!
Sep 1, 2008
Melbourne, AU
That looks used to me. I've had my Alexa for 6 months and my lock doesn't have that tarnished look yet. You would be able to return it as a SNAD as the seller has clearly mis-described it.
Jan 24, 2009
South Cheshire
I can see why you're disappointed with this bag. Commiserations! Contact the seller, telling her about the flaws and ask what she's prepared to do about it. If you want to keep it I would look for a partial refund. If you don't want to keep it tell her you will be filing a claim through e bay SNAD. I bought a tooled bays with similar problems which weren't described by the seller and she accepted it back with refund. The bag will still be less than a year old so I would consider returning it to Mulberry because of the damage. It shouldn't look like that even after use. Mine doesn't. You could ask if they could refurbish the hardware and see to the seam. It all depends how badly you want to keep it. Let us know how you get on.


May 10, 2010
Thank you guys so much for the helpful advice! I gave the seller a choice of returning $300 back to me & I keep the Alexa or we can file a full return/refund. I purchased it for about $1100 so do you think that is a reasonable price if I get $300 back? If she chooses to return my $300, I will probably end up re-selling it on Ebay some time soon..

sigh I'm so sad b/c I saved up for this bag from my summer job & I definitely didn't want to go through this! T_T

Thanks again, all of you, for the advice!!


Jan 1, 2010
Hi XXAL, I have an ink Alexa and to me this looks like it has been used. For me the big give-away is the wear on the postman's lock as this does happen with Mulberry bags after usage but should definitely not be present on a new bag.
I'm not sure what a new Alexa costs in dollars but to me it looks like you paid close to new retail price.
I get the impression that you aren't happy with the experience and wanted a new bag and that even if she refunds you $300 you will end up putting it on eBay. Would you be better to save yourself the hassle and just look for a refund based on SNAD? I'm sure Ink Alexas will come up again, although it may be difficult to find one genuinely new with tags.
Sep 1, 2008
Melbourne, AU
Looking at the pics again, if I were you I would be really mad with the seller.
It was descibed as NWT therefore it should not look used at all.
It has a broken stitch, scuffed hardware and leather, and marks on the strap from where it's been adjusted. The fact that you saved long and hard for this bag makes it even worse. The seller clearly lied and really shouldn't get away with it.
The $1100 you paid is how much the bag retailed for new in the UK, $800 is around £500 which would be a good price for a second hand ink Alexa. Im sure that Mulberry could replace the lock but i'm not sure about the stitch. If you decide to keep the bag (make sure that the seller will discount though) the scratches could be blended in by using the collinil gel on them.
I hope that you do get a response from the seller, it cost too much money for this sort of dishonesty. Also if you do decide to sell this bag on, you may not get much as you paid for it in this condition.


Jan 2, 2010
I agree that it is SNAD and you should seek a full refund. Why go to the trouble of trying to sell it on yourself? The sale could go bad then you will have mote grief on your hands. Perhaps it was a battered bag sold from an outlet as a second? Ein any event the faults should have been declared. Good luck sorting it out! Xx