Experience with YSL @ Saks Fifth Avenue?


Jul 2, 2020
Hi everyone,

I’m thinking about getting my first YSL bag from Saks since I see they are running a gift card promo. However, I’m a little scared as the reviews I’ve seen online about the company haven’t been great. I’ve done a little lurking here and have seen mixed reviews about the items received. From your experience, how is Saks? If I needed to return an item, are they good about that? I do not have a physical store nearby so I’d be doing everything online. Also, does the gift card come in an E-mail or as a physical card?

Thank you!
Dec 7, 2017
Saks (at least in my experience) has excellent and fast customer service. I’ve purchased at least 4 YSL bags from them and have never had issues. Keep in mind though that you won’t get a YSL box with a Saks purchase.
If you’re concerned about return timelines try using Shoprunner (usually free as one of your credit card Perks) to speed up delivery and return transit times.
Enjoy your YSL! Post pics if you keep it!:flowers:
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carpe diem-
Dec 6, 2009
I purchased a Toy Loulou from Saks 2 months ago, also during a special gift card promotion period. My Toy Loulou arrived perfectly fine (I also received a box, contrary to others’ experiences). Since I have not needed to interact with their customer service, I have no experience there.

Regarding the gift card though, I received a physical card. They shipped the gift card and bag as separate packages, but both arrived the same day for me.


Jun 11, 2015
I ordered a medium envelope a few weeks ago during the sale. It sat in process for 2 1/2 weeks before it FINALLY shipped. No YSL box, but it did come with a YSL dust bag. The bag is beautiful. I too was worried because I have read a lot of posts about people getting items that were clearly used.


Jul 13, 2014
I ordered a large monogram chain wallet and it came in great condition, all original protective wrapping on the hardware and it came in a dust bag inside of the YSL box that was tissue wrapped inside of the saks store box, that was inside of the shipping box.
(That was a mouthful lol)
I was very happy with how they packaged it


Nov 15, 2016
The very small bags ( e.g. Toy loulou and niki wallet on chain, other wocs...) and slgs usually come in a Ysl box. Regular bags tend to have a box only when bought directly from YSL.
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Aug 31, 2008
I got an e-card. I’m not all that familiar with shopping at Saks Or with gift cards for that matter. But, it’s easy during covid and returns are equally easy. I haven’t bought a bag from them, but a lot of RTW and a lot of shoes. Everything has been in impeccable condition.
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
I love shopping at Saks online. Purchased my YSL Mini Lou from online site during Black Friday promotion 2019. I got my bag on discount, then later there was another promo which reduced the overall price further, I chatted with online rep, and he immediately credited me for the price difference!

Yes. Definitely take advantage of Saks promos. They are great. No. I did not receive a box, didn't bother me at all.


Jul 2, 2020
Thanks for all the additional responses! I didn’t get a good experience my first time — the order got cancelled and was “out of stock” when it was still in stock. They said the system was down?? So I ended up getting a generous promo because of the cancellation, ordered the bag in a different color, but my order has now been stuck “in process” for a few days.

Do any of you know how long the processing takes?
Dec 4, 2006
Online is completely different than in store and is a huge gamble. I have had nonstop problems since last November. Most recently, I ordered a Prada bag and it came without the detachable Crossbody strap. I immediately called upon opening my box and discovering the strap to be missing. They told me I would have to wait 10 to 15 business days for someone from the back office to resolve it. Sure enough, three weeks later I received an email (but only after calling multiple times). They are unable to provide me with the strap. I told them that it isn’t rocket science and they should remove it from another bag in stock, which they refused. I actually have to drive to my local Sak, 45 minutes away to return it. Technically I could mail it back, but I have read multiple places that people are waiting two months plus for refunds. This hasn’t always been the case, but in the past year or so, things have gone significantly downhill and nobody cares. If you can’t shop in the store, I would suggest going through Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.
Dec 5, 2006
I received my toy loulou from Saks online today. There was no box, no dust bag and it was in the sealed plastic bag. It's the first time I purchase a luxury bag without a dust bag.


Jul 11, 2020
Same experience for me too! I ordered a mini lou from Saks less than two weeks ago. Came within 2 business days. The bag was stuffed into a clear plastic bag and taped up. No dustbag or box. Would have expected at least the dustbag to come with a bag that costs over $1000!


Jul 2, 2020
Thought I‘d update with my experience. The first LouLou I ordered (gray) was claimed to be in stock but after a week, it was cancelled. Customer service was not helpful. They gave me wrong information twice when I was wondering why the product wasn’t being shipped. The stock status on the site doesn’t reflect actual stock. Two weeks after cancellation on Saks part, I received a generous promo as a “sorry it was cancelled” thing. I bought the bag, but in another color.
This time, it was shipped to me in about 4 business days. Took me about 10 days total from ordering to get the bag, even though I used ShopRunner. I was not pleased with the condition when it arrived. The LouLou had wrinkles in its leather, but I heard returning is a hit or miss and I guess for the price I paid, I was okay with keeping it. My bag did come with a dust bag, and I requested a box so I had a Saks box it came with. I think ordering from here is a gamble.