Experience with wrinkled patent leather

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  1. The Bays in wrinkled patent leather look absolutely stunning. :drool:
    But what worries me is that Mulberry says the leather is delicate and extra care is required. What are your experiences with this leather? Could it be used as an everyday bag, not sitting comfortable in a car seat, but in bike bags, in crowded trains and so on?
  2. Hi Saabsaab sorry about no reply - I think nobody has experineces yet since it's so new, Tiree only just got it! But I think it can be an everyday bag no problem (at least that's my intention, eventually). I'm interested to hear other tPFers' real life review in due course!
  3. Thanks Ratrat. Would experiences with patent leather help? Or do you think the leathers are very different?
  4. I think the fact the leather has been already wrinkled makes creases less obvious - the patent Bays DO crease quite a lot, especially where you open/close flap etc. Again some people don't mind, some do, different views but I personally prefer it to be wrinkle treated. Scratches/scars will be less visible too. I need Bays to be everyday bag!
  5. My make up bag is crinkle patent - it gets chucked around, shoved in a drawer and looks just as good as it did when I bought it!
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    Yes me too Ratrat, I would really like to use it everyday. I also have the flap of my Oak Bays for long periods in the 'open position'. Without any problems. Would be nice to be able to do so with a wrinkled patent one as well. I have mailed Mulberry to ask them if they will also bring out a Bayswater in rouge noir in nvt . As soon as I have an answer I will post it.
  7. Thanks Travelbunny. That is good news!
  8. i use my regular patnet bentley grey bays a lot..and its holding up great, few creases where u fold flap back to get into bag, but otherwise great, in general i'm careful wth my bags esp with patent , as i like it to look very crisp/new and after i use her i always put stuffing inside and cover her up...i would say i use her once to twice every week. altho i rotate my bags on a daily basis so i don't use one bag to death...i use her more than my other bags as she's rain proof and the dark grey goes with everything.

    the wrinkled one looks more hardwearing than the regular patent imo as the wrinkles hide any potential creasing so u won't have to be too anal about stuffing her everytime.
  9. The wrinkled is more flexible and less likely to show creases because it is more flexible.
  10. Thanks to your comments Samiyahk and Alison, I do consider a wrinkled one (regular Bays or East West?) even more seriously than before.