Experience with Vernis Noisette? Please help!

  1. Who has a bag in vernis Noisette and how are your experiences with this colour regarding on colour transfer or black spots? I need your recommondation because i'll go for a Roxbury Noisette tomorrow - but i'm not sure because i saw that so many ladies have problems with spots..:crybaby:Thank you!
  2. I dont have a noisette bag but i have it in the cles. I love the colour! It is holding up great, i had it since February. No marks or scuffs, and no colour transfer! It sparkles like crazy aswell! Get it xx
  3. Thank you Luva Pug - i'll definitly go for a Noisette Roxbury tomorrow! Spots or Colour transfer doesn't matter to me!!!!! I will get one!:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  4. I have the agenda..no problems with it so far!
  5. South-of-France, your collection is beautyful - thank you! And the Roxbury with the Ludlow looks great! I'll post pics when I get her....
    I'm also very very careful with all my LV bags and i hope the Noisette isn't too sensitiv. Ich will jetz eifach so eini ha!! Spots hin oder här!:p