Experience with Singapore Louis Vuitton SA(s)

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  1. So I have got a preloved Saumur 35 made back in 97. I have to say the vachetta has patina'ed to an extend but the leather sure isnt the cleanest (waterstains, creases).

    Recently the leather is really dry, waterstained badly and shows signs of creases and to me, it looked as if they are on the verge of cracking. So I decided to bring it in to a LV boutique over here in Singapore.

    I was greeted by a sweet gentlemen who would re-direct me to a snr associate who could help me with my request for vachetta replacement (shoulder strap, buckle straps, lining and piping).

    The team of 2 ladies were really cute and took a look at it. Told me you understand that post replacement, the straps will look very pale and in contrast with the rest of the leather which will cost approx 274 USD. That prompted me to ask what would be the cost to replace every single leather part on the bag, and was quoted 941 USD (1,200 SGD).

    Her advice was there's really nothing wrong with the leather except for usual aging and crease but not tearing. It will take 4 weeks to repair it locally, and yes I was assured that this bag of 17 years old can be repaired. I was advised strongly to use it more to soften up the hardened leather and etc instead of replacing the entire vachetta; the older it gets the better it's gonna be.

    I left the store so happy that they really weigh in the pros and cons, and I believe they don't go out to make your bucks, instead treated each enquiry and request very professionally.

    Just want to share my personal great experience in LV Boutique in Ion Orchard, Singapore. The SA is Sherina Wong, she's awesome!

  2. sounds like a great experience! Good to know for if I ever have to get anything replaced. I bet the Singapore LV is amazing, in pictures the "island maison" looks so beautiful! Jealous that is your local one!