experience with realdealcollection.com?

  1. Have people done trade-in on realdealcollection.com? I am considering it and am just wondering what others' experiences have been.
  2. i've traded with Corey, the owner of RDC, many times and she is awesome to deal with!! i've consigned with her and traded - her bags are always in great condition and she's very diligent and patient when it comes to sending more pics, etc.

    i say go for it!!
  4. I bought my Calcaire Twiggy from Corey RDC and she has been nothing but buyer's dream seller!!
    I really recommend her :smile:
  5. sold my bbag with her .. amazing ecperience ,, go for it!! she is a PFer too by the way :smile:
  6. OMG Corey is awsome. :yes:I got my 05 Chocolate Brown City from her in mint condition.:tup:
  7. Love Corey-Emailed her looking for a Bubble gum city bag. She found one, sent me pixs, and was extremely patient with me sending payment. I HIGHLY reccommend Corey RDC.
  8. Corey stands for COOL COREY, she's very sweet, awesome to deal with... I've purchased 2 Pods from her.. and will probably purchase more with her down the line :yes: I recommend RDC~! :tup:
  9. Girls, I'm blushing over here! :blush: Thank you all for your kind words. :flowers:

    This is my dream job and I'm happy to help in any way I can.
  10. Corey is the real deal! she's passionate about The B-Bag. terrific!:tup:
  11. Go for Corey! She's terrific and you can't be wrong with her
  12. HIGHLY recommend! i bought my 07 VG giant day from corey and she's FABULOUS!
  13. Corey is awesome!

    I traded my 03 Blue City with her, consigned my 04 Turquoise Weekender with her, and she got me an 04 aviator flight helmet bag and is trying to find my HG for me :yahoo:
  14. Thank you all again! :flowers:

    I really appreciate the praise each and every one of you have given. It's my pleasure to be able to help so many people build and recycle their Balenciaga collections.
  15. Hi Corey.. I am checking out your website now and hope to buy from you soon. :balloon: