Experience with Printemps personal shopping : Good and Bad

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  1. The Balenciaga SA's at le Printemps (Paris) are wonderful, every time I called they were listening carefully, being helpful etc. some are more knowledgable than others, best is by far Claire. She totally understands our Bal leather slang. (in french at least)
    The PS department is great too, Marie-George very helpful quick to reply call back etc.
    In France you get overnight shipping!!!
    Now what the packaging is concerned...:tdown:. I received a bag folded in half :wtf:just in it's dustbag and thrown in a not very sturdy box (soft "carton") that arrived squished and humid. The bag survided it fine. Again it was overnightshipping but I don't want to imagine what can happen in transit if it travells longer (US etc...)
    I called everybody involved in the transaction , SA, PS, and let them know to pass this info on to the shipping department.
    So if you order from Printemps make shure, demand that the bag is send at least in it's original box and well protected!

    This is just for info.
  2. Here's the bad!

    I've been trying to place an order with them since Saturday (today being Wednesday)

    Saturday, the SA, a male i presume is Eric was very helpful knew the style i wanted straight away gave me all the colours and said he would put the bag on hold for me and explained to mail order i would have to go through the personal shoppers dept. and gave me the number.

    I spoke to three different people in the personal shoppers dept (ps) and they explained i had to fax through some papers but trying to understand each other was difficult (i want to make it clear that i have great respect for anyone who can speak more than one language and it is me who feels inadequate that i can't, so its not their fault!) they gave me an email address and said they would email me back with instructions. But the email i sent kept getting bounced back. Everytime i called back to explain this they dismissed me by saying an email was on its way to me and abruptly put the phone down. I've never received any emails not even to the ones i sent through the 'contact us' page on the website.

    Sunday i tried calling again, but they were closed.

    Monday i called again, i managed to speak to some in the ps dept. who explained what to fax, gave me the fax number. I faxed everything through and confirmed it had been received over the phone.

    Tuesday i was told my order was received and to sit and wait for the bag.

    I called again today just to check and good job i did because i was told they needed to confirm the expiry date on my card, presumably if i hadn't called the order would have just sat there and got lost. Then they said this would go through as soon as possible. I've tried to call the Balenciaga dept to check my bag hasn't been put back on the shop floor and sold, i was put through to the shop floor but the SA didnt understand me and directed my call back to reception. Reception gave me a direct dial number but it kept coming up as 'number not in use' i've called reception 5 times now, i keep being given the same number even though i keep explaining it doesn't work but they abruptly put the phone down on me, and now they won't pick up the phone anymore.

    I dont even want to think how much my phone bill is going to be, and i still don't know if my order has been successful!!! :cursing::hysteric::shrugs:
  3. abowron If you need help just pm me with your name orderdetailes (style, color) to whom you talked to name of SA ,first floor b-bags only, sec floor some bags and clothes? I am pretty busy this afternoon but I can certainly call them for you.
  4. Wow, you must be going crazy with frustration. Well, I hope it works out for you.
  5. It gets worse, they called me to say the transaction wouldn't go through, i spoke to my bank and they said there was no problem from my end, so i called Printemps back and they insisted it won't authorise, so i called my bank again, they confirmed there are funds! So i called Printemps back, and i said i didn't understand, and they put the phone down on me! I was absolutely not rude, i didn't raise my voice, i worked in customer service all the way through college and know what its like dealing with rude people so i make it a point never to be rude to anyone, i think they just had enough and couldnt be bothered anymore?!

    Thanks Catcat and Allisonfaye, but i think i'm going to admit defeat, shame i spent what is going to be an astronomical amount on phone calls but i just can't keep doing this! :crybaby:
  6. I am really sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating it can be. It seems that it wasn't ment to be.I hope you find your dreambag somewhere else!