Experience with mercari?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with mercari.com? How reliable is the service and how protected is the seller and buyer?

  2. I've heard many, many complaints about Mercari. Particularly, that their customer service is far from great. Some sellers are very...odd on there. Some are fine and transactions go smoothly. It's really luck of the draw.
  3. I love it, been buying and selling for over a year on it. Better than eBay. Some ppl are low ballers but that's anywhere.
  4. I recently made a purchase, and the transaction went smoothly.
  5. The customer service is horrible on there. I have used it to sell small items such as some new clothing I've never gotten around to wearing and a few used MK wallets that I haven't touched in years, but I'd never put anything up for sale that's expensive personally.
  6. Do they have a customer service phone number or email? I purchased a somewhat expensive handbag and the seller uploaded tracking information the next day showing that she shipped it. The tracking number was not recognized by USPS so I asked her to check the tracking number and upload it again. She did and the new tracking number says "Preshipment", meaning that it is not yet shipped, and I purchased it eight days ago now. I have messaged her through the app asking if she will ship it soon. Previously she responded to me through the app, but I haven't heard back from her in a few days now. I want to call their customer service to cancel the purchase because she has not actually shipped it yet but I can't find their contact information anywhere.
  7. Have you tried canceling? I had a buyer cancel because I didn't ship the same day she purchased! Anyway...

    Here are the instructions:

    Buyers can cancel a transaction from an unresponsive Seller.

    If the “Seller sends in” date has passed and your seller has not shipped the item, you can cancel the transaction on the item's Order Status page by tapping Cancel Order.

    Once you have requested to cancel the order, we’ll reach out to your seller to make sure that the item has not already been sent. If your seller does not respond or does not send out the item within 24 hours, the funds will then be released back to your original form of payment.
  8. I tried to cancel using that method, but I can't because the seller initially put in the wrong tracking number and Mercari system thought that the item had shipped. She later updated to the correct tracking number which has not shipped, but Mercari's system did not reverse the "shipped" status. Only when you click on the tracking number does it show that it has not actually shipped. I think I need to contact Mercari somehow so that they can update it to non-shipment status so that I can cancel for that reason.
  9. They don't seem to have a phone number but they do have a FB page. From what I've seen, they only respond M-F. BeenBurned over in the eBay thread may have some more ideas for you. Good luck! Hope you get your $$$ back.
  10. I don't think there's a phone nr., but you can contact them though the app if you have problems with a purchase. In your account go to the "help center" and it will lead you through. You would have to include the item ID nr.
    In my experience they do respond fast, but it sucks that they can't be contacted by phone. I've bought 2 items on there and always paid with Paypal for better security.
  11. Thank you, this is really helpful. I just sent him the message through the app and I will try their Facebook also. I did pay through PayPal, I don't think I would buy anything online not using PayPal, but I would rather resolve it through Mercari if possible.
  12. What is the deal with the people leaving their e-mail addresses so you can contact them outside of Mercari? I know it's a scam of some kind but is it identity theft or something?
  13. I've wondered that too. It happens a lot on Poshmark also, there will be a message on a listing that says "email me at ----- with your best price."
    Or "email me at ---- if this is still a available." With no other questions or info. At the very least they could be selling your email for marketing. But you're right, if you emailed them back they might fish for more info to do some real damage.
  14. I've been reporting them and Mercari deletes them so there's definitely something evil there.

    What blows my mind are the people on Poshmark who think nothing of posting their cell phone numbers!
  15. Agreed! Poshmark does not seem to be full of the most savvy shoppers in general, with people going crazy trying to buy "designer" items from new sellers who have very sketchy listings (can't spell correctly, use slang only, unwilling to answer questions, grainy photos etc). On Mercari, buyers can be excused for some foolishness since previous comments are often deleted.