Experience with MatchesFashion?

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I've fallen in love with Carolina Bucci's RED charity bracelet, and I was trying to see where I could get it in the US. I found that matchesfashion sells it for a great price ($194 compared to $220) and I can get a code to have free shipping.

    However, I have never heard of the website, and I don't know if the items are authentic, or how reliable they are.

    Any suggestions, thoughts?

  2. very reputable UK site, go for it
  3. They have swanky boutique stores in England. I am in the US but ordered my Mulberry Bayswater from them a few seasons ago. It arrived quickly, in a beautiful box.
  4. Amazing packaging! :biggrin: They're very reliable, I'd go for it.
  5. Matches is excellent service! They are similar to a Bergdorf's in the states. However, be careful as custom charges are often levied
  6. Thank you all!
    I got the bracelet, so beautiful!!!
  7. It's excellent customer services. Go for it.
  8. I bought a Lanvin evening bag from them back in May. At the time, they weren't charging duties--a temporary promotion, perhaps?--but I saw they will now refund duties if you return an item. That's pretty cool.
  9. I bought my first item from Match about a month ago - a gorgeous Chloe bag on sale, and at the same time (I was rushing and didn't check) they had a 20% off promo. They honored the additional % off right away - and the bag was delivered about two days later. I'm definitely shopping there again!
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  10. I'm running out of storage boxes. Considering buying something from Matches just so I can get the nice box. :lol:
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  11. I have never had a problem ordering with them and they sell some beautiful things. Their store in London is even more amazing. Plus their items are usually cheaper to buy than on other fashion sites.
  12. Oh I know!! I kept my box from the latest purchase - such classy wrapping and packaging!
  13. Anyone order from them recently??? Just wondering how your experience was???
  14. I've ordered from them multiple times and never had a problem. Super fast shipping. I get stuff from them quicker than from some other states in the US and always in a pretty package. They're one of my favs.
  15. Thanks so much for letting me know, really appreciate it

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