Experience with Matches Fashion?

  1. Hi, anyone have experience ordering Bottegas through matchesfashion.com? How was the experience?
  2. I've not shopped on Matches online but i have visited their stores in Wimbledon Village and Richmond and made purchases. They are a very reputable boutique/company - I'm pretty sure you'll get good service here.
  3. i just bought a bag from them and had a great experience. the bag came 3 days after i ordered it and came in a lovely decorative box with a magnetic closure. also, with the 15% code i saved about $500! i had a problem with my credit card so i was unable to order online, but their customer service reps are really nice and helpful. good luck!
  4. Hi chitowncat, i ordered a limo sloane from Matches, it came the next day (i live in the UK). for some reason i couldnt order from the website, but i phoned and it went through fine. i loved the limo colour, but the sloane wasnt for me, so i called them, and they gave me a returns reference number, dhl collected it, and that was that!!!! i found them to be very courteous and helpfull!!!!
  5. A class act, in my experience. They answer questions promptly, too.
  6. never bought from them but they are very reputable in UK. one of the top independent boutiques, so I am pretty sure you have nothing to worry about.
  7. Ditto